Testimonials For The Wedge

Wondering what players say about the Wedge mouthpiece?

Here is a collection of emails and Facebook posts from Wedge customers.

“Hello Dr. Dave,

Merry Christmas! I hope this email finds you well.

I am simply writing to share my appreciation for your mouthpiece and unmatched business model. No piece of equipment has ever done for my playing what this mouthpiece has done, and I wouldn’t have been able to try it were it not for your most generous return guarantee.

I look forward to slowly replacing all of my mouthpieces with wedges over the next few months.

Happy holidays!

-Casey Laughlin”


“Dear Dr. Dave,

After having my Wedge (102E euphonium mouthpiece) for just a few days (only since Monday), I can confidently say this is without a doubt, the best mouthpiece I’ve ever had. There were immediate differences in my playing; scooping into pitches just didn’t happen anymore, my tone was rounder, my range was better, and my endurance was considerably better than with my previous piece. My professor told me just a day after receiving the mouthpiece that he could already tell the difference between my tonality using my other piece and the Wedge, and that he loved the change. Thank you so much for taking the time to find (and make!) the mouthpiece that was perfect for me! This one’s a keeper!

Cameron Burch”


“Dave, I’ve been a Wedge player since (almost) the beginning. You and I joked last year that my pieces (3CC, 5DC, and 7EC for jazz, crossover, and lead) were so old that you don’t support those sizings anymore. No dots on the rim, either. Last year I updated to acrylic 66MV, 65S, and 65ES without looking back. Awesome.

Well, last week I purchased a NY backbore by another company that I fell in love with the sound, but since it was slightly more open than I’m used to, I struggled after playing 4 hours of loud high notes. The solution? 64ES that I had attached to my piccolo. The result last night? Pure magic.

Thanks for making the greatest problem solving solutions on the planet! My playing has improved ten fold since discovering your pieces almost ten years ago!
Oh and by the way… Double B on the last note of the four hour gig. You rock!

Matt Hilgenberg, NYC”


“I’ve had the same experiences (many times) with my small shank 5GS playing lead trombone in a big band. Back-to-back 2 & 3 hour gigs that would have been impossible for me without my Wedge.

Joel Sears”


“I have used the Wedge for 3-4 years like it much better than a traditional mouthpiece. Better flexibility, slightly better range and much better endurance. But everyone is different. Try it for a couple weeks and decide for yourself.

Mark Lashof”


“Same for me. Much better endurance. Better range and note accuracy. I also play a bigger mouthpiece on a wedge than conventional. They have a great return policy and Dr. Dave always answers any questions personally.
Rick Hamil”

“I was sold on Wedge rims after finding an extra 50% endurance on horn. Running out of chops before the end of a rehearsal or a concert is a thing of the past. Same thing was found to apply to bass trombone, in addition to better high register.
Richard Pankard”

“Wedge changed everything for me. Made trumpet far less difficult that it has ever been before I started playing them 9 years ago.

Ewan Divitt”


“Good Evening, Dave: I just finished gigging eight hours: three hours, two hours, and three hours in the past 24 hours. I simply could not have survived without my Wedge! (At age 78, I’m no “spring chicken,” and I have no intention of “hanging it up” anytime soon!).

To say I’m “sold” on my Wedge is an understatement!


Clark Silliman”


“Hello Dave,

John Upton here. We are partway though rehearsals for Mahler’s 3rd Symphony here in Flint MI. I am using my old-faithful Upton-Giardinelli with the custom rim you built for it. The combination is performing beautifully especially on those huge solos in the 1st movement. Many compliments from colleagues. Just a joy to play!  Finally got a chance to put the 6.75 230 and 6.5 250 through their paces a few weeks ago with the theater orchestra and they are likewise working out great. Haven’t gigged yet with the 6.25 in the alto yet but it feels great in practice, nice sound and articulation, and very comfy and sure-footed in terms of slotting and intonation.

It is so much fun to put most all of my attention on making music instead of operating the trombone!!

Thanks so much for the wonderful mouthpieces!!!!

John Upton”


“Hello Dr Dave, I wanna express how much I love your Wedge PT 50 (euro) it is lighter than my mike Finn 3, but I find it gives me a darker sound. I’m feeling like I’m playing with less pressure now and can pay longer. I recently used it in a recording session and have been getting lots of compliments. Also my marine corps recruiter believes that I sound better on it. All in all, a great mouthpiece. Thanks again!



“Well, I’m in! I decided to add my name to the endorsements for these fine mouthpieces. I like unconventional mouthpieces. I wanted to have something on my list that I could comfortably recommend to folks that more people would have success with and hit a comfort zone sooner. These mouthpieces fit that bill perfectly.

You will NEVER find a more comfortable rim that is this flexible. Most traditional “comfortable” rims tend to restrict the ability to move your lips as needed. NOT the Wedge! Some traditional “comfortable” rims are a bit slippery not allowing you to get a grip. NOT the Wedge! The Wedge rims achieve what I feel is the best combination of comfort and grip. They also can produce a great range of timbres on one mouthpiece.

Here is a side benefit to the Wedge. Dave told me this could happen, and it does. When I go back to the mouthpiece I’ve been using for sometime, I have NO difficulty making the switch. In other words. using the Wedge WON’T mess your embouchure up at all! It may, in fact, IMPROVE your set!
I can’t recommend these highly enough. You really owe it to yourself to try these. You will be stunned at how well they play right off the bat! Peace!

Nick Drozdoff”


“My journey with Dr. Dave Harrison and the Wedge system started out with a phone call to Canada. After explaining my needs and shortcomings to Dave, he advised me to NOT try his mouthpieces!!! My admission of probably greater-than-average mouthpiece pressure led him to this advice. I was disappointed, to say the least. Still, I was curious. And the plastic versions of his mouthpieces made it somewhat more affordable. I went ahead and ordered a plastic SJ Solo tuba mouthpiece to try on my F tuba. After five minutes with this mouthpiece, I knew that I had made the right guess… Because of the way the Wedge is made, I had to move my corners toward the mouthpiece – essentially relieving some of the aforementioned mouthpiece pressure. So, endurance was no longer an issue. Articulation, especially at the softer dynamics, was also greatly improved. Overall, I’m much more relaxed.

All of this brought me to the next logical step – to develop a mouthpiece closer to the measurements I’m used to, with that incredible Wedge rim (and whatever magic Dave came up with..). After sending me the first prototype, I knew we were close. When I received the 2nd version, I was just blown away – so much so that I found it hard to believe that this one mouthpiece was real! I played for some trusted colleagues and students and their overwhelmingly positive reactions confirmed what I already knew: The new SM Solo mouthpiece allows me to do my job more easily. It’s become a direct extension of the instrument!

I’m absolutely thrilled with my Wedge mouthpiece and honored to be a Wedge Endorsing Artist.

Thank you, Dave, for your genius, your patience and your friendship.

Scott Mendoker

Tuba – Philadelphia Brass
Artist/Teacher – The Hartt School at the University of Hartford”


“I have been performing on Wedge trombone mouthpieces for about a year now and am very glad I made the switch. There were many factors that made my decision to switch to Wedge mouthpieces:
I love the smoothness with which I can move between the partial, my sound is clearer, more vibrant, and more resonant than on any other mouthpiece I’ve performed on, my endurance has improved, and these are the most comfortable mouthpieces I’ve ever performed on.
The mouthpieces I currently own are: Wedge 4.5G Large Shank (This is my main mouthpiece for playing principal trombone in the two orchestras I am a member of.), Wedge 4G Large Shank (For playing second trombone and euphonium.), and Wedge 1.5G (For my bass trombone.)
I have played and performed on most of the different brands of mouthpieces on the market and have found that the Wedge line of trombone mouthpieces suit me the best. I am looking forward to switching all of my mouthpieces over to Wedge over the next few months.

Kip Hickman

Principal Trombone, Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra & West Michigan Symphony”


“Such a concept of common sense and ingenuity are the designs of Wedge Mouthpieces! Since trying my first mouthpiece, I have experienced a vibrant, resonant, and singing tone quality with minimal effort and maximal efficiency. Additionally my flexibility, articulation, and technique have equally benefited from the use of Wedge Mouthpieces on all of my trumpets. Dr. Dave Harrison has revolutionized mouthpiece construction! Bravo!!!

Daniel D’Addio

Professor of Music at Central Connecticut State University”


“From the first note I played on the new Wedge “Herriott L” lead mouthpiece, I haven’t looked back on anything I’ve used in the past. I find that I get more core to my sound, greater consistency in tone throughout the conventional and extended range of the trumpet, and improved response. The new Herriott line (Lead, Classic, Pops, Picc, Flugel) combines to make up the right tool-box of equipment for the variety of work that I do.

Mike Herriott”


“Hello Dave,
Here is my little e- mail regarding my feelings on the custom mouthpiece you have done for me : MB2LS.
First I want to talk about comfort that the mouthpiece provides. I was apprehensive about the positioning of the lips with the oval shape, but to my great surprise fue and exellent! Very nice, full support of what “le masque” is called here, by French trumpeters. This means any active part in the production of buzz not only the lips, but all the upper and lower muscles into action to play. The comfort provided by dimensions chosen for this rim was for me, was like a revelation. Do not forget that I received this mouth on a Tuesday night, the day after a long day of work expected. Here in France, Wednesday and Saturday are our longest day for us, the teachers at the Conservatory of Music. I tested the MB2LS all afternoon and early evening.
Two of my students were absent that day, for 1 hour I played my program Big band . (I’m trp lead) Without trying to analyze my feelings, just to see if the high registrer was as easy as the feeling of comfort was great. Result: “Ben ça l’fait !” Which could be translated as so amazing so eazy. My other students followed one after the other and before storing my trumpet a little arpeggio in C Major and Hop : Double C! Amazing.
This custom bent backbore also provides additional comfort that is undeniable. Comfort to the player; with faster projection of air so incredibly helpful for the high register.

As for adapting to from a traditional mouthpiece to the Wedge, for me it was almost immediate. While I did not have on the first day as much precision during difficult and delicate musical phrase, after three days it was done!
Regarding single or double articulation: the response of the mouthpiece is immediate and mastering is perfect, the mouthpiece captures the idea that musician wishes.
Flexibility is much easier than with a other mouthpieces.
Resistance: With this size throat on this custom and the combination of rim and cup play in the high register is very easy. I am very comfortable without negative pressure or resistance. Therefore I can play longer in the upper register and with a feeling of complete control. Play long phrases in the very high register trumpet with effects and nuances of phrases is possible, but in addition it is very fun to do! And as I already said thanks to this custom bent version of the very high register is played more naturally, with less effort and extremely fast response.
And now for sound. Very rich! A full sound with a beautiful overtones. A rare thing for a shallow cup yet again that custom makes the difference with other mouthpieces. Congratulations Dave! The Wedge mouthpieces! This is the best!
Contact with your mouthpiece concept allows a much greater endurance. I play longer and easier, with much less force for an extraordinary result.
I also asked the public perceptions and friends trumpeters. The verdict is very positive. The words that come up is: easy / / power / / playability / / beautiful sound.
So Congratulations again Dave, this custom MB2LS bent version is a true success, and I am very happy to play. (Apology for my English.)

Alain Hure

Professor of Trumpet, Paris, France”


“Since I discovered Wedge mouthpieces last year, I have played them exclusively. I feel they give me flexibility of expression, a clear tone, added endurance, and comfort over conventional rims. I use Wedge mouthpieces for tenor, alto, and bass trombone, euphonium, and bass trumpet.

David Ritt

Trombone – Seattle Symphony and Seattle Opera Orchestra”


“Hi Dr Dave,
This 7C Trombone Mouthpiece is FABULOUS. I guess that your down-sizing theory really works. I have been playing this Mouthpiece for over a week now and it is amazing in every aspect. The .250 Throat is working very well with my Rath R10, and I could not be happier. I think that the 7C with the .250 Throat sounds as good as the 6.75C, but with it being smaller it is making my job even easier. The Range is great, the Articulation is even better, and the Endurance Factor still just blows me away. I appreciate all that you have accomplished with these great Mouthpieces. I will be playing the Wedge exclusively from here on out. In my opinion there is not a better Trombone Mouthpiece on the market today. Best Regards.

Craig Grubbs

Lead Trombone & Founder – Jazz Xtreme Big Band – Arkansas, USA”


“Hi Dr. Dave
Thanks so much for your phone call today to make sure I received the order. Yes! I was able to pick up the mouthpieces (they appear to have the right size cup and throat markings, so we should be all squared away) at the end of last week and have been using them for about 5 days now.
I was planning to email you soon, anyway, just to let you know that the pieces are playing wonderfully so far! I know I’ll need a little more time to adjust to the nuances…but the feel, sound, and pitch are spot on.
Something that I’ve never experienced in my life, either, are all of the benefits of the wedge shape that you’ve described on your website. It’s not just hype! My lips really do feel something quite different..more freedom to move, vibrate, circulate blood and stay fresh, etc… This morning, I wasn’t able to warm up at all before the job due to inclement weather and traffic accidents causing a delay. But my chops felt relatively fresh and still warmed up from practicing last night. I was surprised by how easily I was able to jump into my playing day.
Well, I don’t want to take too much of your time. I just want you to know you’ve got another highly satisfied customer. Now that my classical set up is in place, I’ll be writing back at some point this year to order a lead mouthpiece. Until then, take care!

David K.”


“Dear Dr. Dave,

About six weeks ago I called to discuss my horn mouthpiece needs with you. You suggested that I try an Eric Reed signature model. It is a revelation.

I am an intermediate amateur player who needs all the help I can get, especially in the high range. The Eric Reed adds significant range on top, with no downside whatsoever. The sound is excellent, the low range is as good as my other mouthpieces, slurs and tonguing are fine as well. As you say on your website, there is no “honeymoon” period after which one’s playing reverts to the previous level. At first I was concerned about the high price of the mouthpiece compared to the other mouthpieces that I’ve purchased, but given the improvement in my playing, I consider it a bargain.

Thank you very much.

Jay Williams”