Return Instructions

Before Returning

Please review our Return Policy page to ensure you understand the terms of return.

If you would like to return your mouthpiece for refund or exchange, please email our offices to receive Return Authorization:

Do not send back your mouthpiece without Return Authorization.

Although we provide free shipping on the initial order there is a $12 shipping charge for shipping exchange mouthpieces to customers.

Inspecting your Mouthpiece for Return

It requires extraordinary care to keep a mouthpiece in new condition during a trial.

The mouthpiece has probably been damaged if:

  • it has ever been dropped or knocked against a hard surface
  • it has been placed on a hard surface such as a music stand shelf or rough table top
  • it has lightly clanged against another mouthpiece

It is common for customers to miss signs of wear. Please inspect your mouthpiece very carefully and in good lighting.

Preparing your Mouthpiece for Return

  1. Rinse your mouthpiece gently with soap and water to remove food and saliva residue.
  2. Inspect your mouthpiece carefully for any signs of wear (see above). Make sure you have good lighting and are thorough – we inspect and polish returns as carefully as we do new mouthpieces before they are shipped.
  3. If you find any signs of wear, let us know before sending the mouthpiece.

Wrapping your Mouthpiece

  1. Place the mouthpiece in the protective cloth bag and plastic tube in which it was shipped.
  2. Wrap the plastic tube with foam padding or bubble wrap and tape it securely, to prevent the tube opening in transit.
  3. Place the mouthpiece in a padded plastic bubble envelope. Plastic envelopes hold up much better than paper. You may also use a small box with additional filler. The box should be taped shut on all sides with packing tape.
  4. Please include a note within your package indicating your name, email address, and the purpose of the return (refund or exchange).

Shipping your Mouthpiece

  1. Ship using regular mail. DO NOT USE a courier of any kind, including UPS, DHL, or FedEx. Couriers will charge additional brokerage on delivery which will be deducted from your refund. You are responsible for paying all return shipping and brokerage fees.
  2. Ensure your package is marked “return of goods” or “warranty repair” and use our provided “return of goods” label – otherwise we will be charged tax on our own product, which will be deducted from your refund.

Return shipping address:
Harrison Mouthpieces, Inc.
3410 South Rd,
Gabriola, BC
Canada V0R 1X7

Our Refund Process

Shipping costs are not refunded.
If more than 2 similar items are purchased with the intention of returning the majority for refund, we reserve the right to apply a 10% fee to cover the costs of processing your refund and restocking.