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One piece trumpet mouthpieces - $210 for silver plated brass, $100 for Delrin plastic

One Piece Trumpet Mouthpiece

One piece trumpet mouthpieces

  • Excellent choice for many players who do not need the flexibility of the modular system.
  • Full range of diameters and cup depths.
  • Available with the regular Wedge rim or optional 5 or 10 degree angled rim.
  • Throat sizes are #27 (.144 inch) or #25 (.1495 inch).
  • Materials include silver plated brass and black Delrin.
Angled Trumpet Mouthpieces

Angled rim option

  • Angled rims are an alternative to a bent backbore for players with underbite or overbite.
  • Avoid distortion of inside of mouthpiece caused by bending backbore.
  • Correct horn angle up or down depending on orientation.
  • Balance pressure between top and bottom lip.
  • Reduce strain and discomfort from pushing jaw forward.

Modular Mouthpieces - Separate Tops and Backbores

Modular Mouthpieces

Modular trumpet mouthpieces

  • Modular trumpet mouthpieces consist of a top and separate one or two piece backbore.
  • Tops and backbores work with Warburton, ACB, Pickett, Kanstul and similar mouthpieces.
  • Tops and backbores have a #27 or #25 throat, which must match.
  • Separate tops and backbores allow different combinations of backbore sizes, weights, and lengths for fine tuning your mouthpiece.

Tops - $155 for silver plated brass, $90 for plastic

Trumpet Mouthpiece Tops

Trumpet tops

  • Tops are also available with the regular Wedge rim or optional 5 or 10 degree angled rim.
  • Tops are available in silver plated brass, clear acrylic, or black delrin plastic.

Backbores - One and two piece options

Two Piece Backbore Components


  • One piece backbores are an excellent choice for most players.
  • Sizes include sizes Small, Medium, and Medium Large.
  • Made of silver plated brass.
  • Two piece backbores are available in regular and heavy weight.
  • Sizes include Small, Medium, Medium Large, Medium Large-Large, and Large.
  • Made of silver plated brass and stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel adds responsiveness, projection and brilliance.
  • Heavy weight backbores provide a darker sound, more core in the sound, and greater stability.
  • Regular weight backbores are more responsive.
  • Two piece backbores are available in Bb length and a shorter C length, which improves the pitch of most C trumpets.
  • Longer and shorter shanks available for adjusting mouthpiece gap.

Trumpet rim diameters

  • Trumpet rim inner diameters (ID) are measured at a point .04 inches into the cup.
  • Sizes range from 0.60 to 0.70 inches.
  • Rim sizes are expressed as the ID in inches without the leading zero or decimal point.
  • For example, a 66 rim has an ID of 0.660 inches.

Trumpet cup options

ES Cup

ES Cup

  • Similar in depth to a Schilke 6A4A or 13A4A cup.
  • Provides maximum brilliance, projection, and slotting in extreme upper register playing.
  • Most suitable for playing lead.
  • Better sounding low register than any comparable extra shallow cup.
  • Works best with Gen 2 rim 66 or smaller (.660 inches or less).
LV Cup

LV (Lead V) Cup

  • Double cup design with a shallow upper cup and a second deeper V cup.
  • The oval shape of the Wedge rim extends through the shallow cup and into the second cup all the way to the throat.
  • Low alpha angle to prevent bottoming out and a cup volume similar to the Gen 2 S cup.
  • Upper register performance of the LV is very similar to the Wedge S cup.
  • More open blow, similar to what players would experience with a larger #25 throat.
  • Bigger, broader middle and low register than the S cup, with no loss in upper register performance.
S Cup

S Cup

  • Similar to a Schilke 14A4A cup.
  • Excellent projection, slightly less support in upper register than the ES cup.
  • Less prone to bottoming out than the ES cup.
  • Most popular choice for lead when a solid mid to low register is also desired, marching band.
  • Works well to piccolo trumpet when players prefer a brighter sound with more projection.
  • Works best with Gen 2 66 or smaller rim (.660 or less).
M Cup

M Cup

  • Versatile medium cup for jazz, concert band, pit, and pops, marching when a lead mouthpiece not needed.
  • Works well for piccolo trumpet.
  • Good balance between upper register support and a balanced sound with solid low register.
  • Works best with Gen 2 67 or smaller rim (.670 inches or less).
MV Cup

MV Cup

  • Intermediate between M and MD cup.
  • Modified V shape at bottom of cup leading into throat.
  • Slightly darker sound than M cup.
  • Better upper register support and more projection than MD cup.
  • Similar in depth to Bach 3C cup.
MD Cup

MD Cup

  • Excellent all round bowl shaped cup for concert band, orchestral, chamber, and other playing requiring a dark sound.
  • Excellent balance between upper and lower register.
  • Good choice for C trumpet when a little extra brilliance is required, or for orchestral players wanting to add some sparkle to their sound.
  • Works well on all rim sizes, but most popular with rims 65 (.650) and larger.
  • Comparable to many C cups.




  • Similar to MD cup with a slightly modified V shape at the bottom of the cup meeting to the throat.
  • Slightly darker sound and smoother transitions from note to note.
  • Excellent choice for an orchestral mouthpiece when a slightly darker sound is desired or for players with a naturally bright sound.
  • Our most popular cup for orchestral players.
  • Works well on all rim sizes, but most popular with rims 65 (.650) and larger
D Cup

D Cup

  • Deep cup suitable for players who like an extra dark sound.
  • Similar to a Bach B cup.
  • Popular with players using large cup volume Schilke or similar mouthpieces.
  • Huge sound and low register.
  • Obvious trade off is less upper register support.
RT Cup

RT Cup

  • Well-balanced V shaped cup for Rotary trumpet.
  • Very efficient despite the deep V shape the cup.
  • Produces a well-balanced, rich sound on Rotary trumpet with ample brilliance at loud dynamics.
  • Also works extremely well for orchestral or jazz players looking for a darker sound and very smooth transitions from note to note.

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