Wedge Trumpet Backbores

Better Range, Endurance, Comfort, Flexibility, Response, and Sound

Options for Every Playing Situation

Trumpet Backbore Options

We offer a complete line of  backbore options.

  • One and two piece backbores.
  • Regular and heavy weight opotions.
  • Bb and C trumpet length.
  • Gap adjusting shanks for two piece backbores.

One Piece Regular Weight Backbores

One Piece Backbore


  • Wedge trumpet backbores use the 3/8-40 thread used by most other manufacturers.
  • One piece backbores are the most economical and best choice for most players.
  • Available with a #27 or #25 throat.
  • Compatible with Wedge Tone Modifier for added mass.
  • Sizes Small, Medium, and Medium Large.

Backbore Sizes

Small – Suitable for commercial lead, well matched to the Wedge ES and S cups. Produces compact, focused sound.

Medium – Suitable for all round playing, well matched to the Wedge M, MV cups. Slightly broader sound while still providing good compression for the upper register.

Medium Large – Symphonic backbore best suited for orchestral and other “legit” playing. Produces broad, resonant sound. Best suited to MD, MDV, RT, D cup.

Heavy Two Piece Trumpet Backbore

Two Piece Trumpet Backbore Options

Wedge trumpet backbbores are also available as two piece models. Two piece models offer the following advantages.

  • Choice of heavy weight or regular weight upper backbore section. Adding mass to the backbore adds core and darkness to the sound by reducing some of the brighter overtones. Slotting, or the security with which a note locks in, is increased.  Added mass makes the mouthpiece slightly less responsive to soft articulation.
  • Wider selection of sizes, including TT (between S and M), Medium Large-Large, and Large sizes.
  • Choice of full length Bb length or shorter C length shank. The shorter C shank improves some of the pitch issues with some C trumpets by raising the pitch of the 4th space E and surrounding notes, reducing the need for alternate fingerings.
  • Choice of longer or shorter gap adjusting shanks. Plus 1, Plus 2, Minus 1 and Minus 2 shanks decrease or increase the mouthpiece gap by increments of 1/16 inch.
Bb and C Regular Weight Backbores

Want help choosing the best size for you?
Complete our online fitting survey.

Want help choosing the best size for you?
Complete our online fitting survey.

Stainless Steel Backbores

Stainless steel backbores are available as two piece models in regular and heavy weights. Stainless steel backbores have unique characteristics.

  • Increased responsiveness.
  • Brighter sound.
  • Greater projection.
  • Somewhat less forgiving in terms of cracked notes.
  • Ability to add real “zing” to the sound of brass or plastic tops.

Tone Modifiers

Brass tone modifiers are available in raw brass, or as silver or gold plated models. Tone modifiers can be used with regular weight backbores and also with regular weight brass and pllastic mouthpieces. The added mass has several beneficial effects.

  • Added core in the sound.
  • More secure slotting.
  • More stability for fewer cracked notes.
  • More clarity to the start of the note with plastic mouthpieces.
  • Great versatility and the ability to dial in the response for particular horns or playing situations.

Tone Modifier Attached to Delrin Mouthpiece

Delrin Trumpet Mouthpiece with Tone Modifier


“The Wedge is an The Outside-the-Box-Concept that has aided my playing like no other equipment – ever – in 50 years of playing!” –Daniel D’Addio, Soloist and Chamber Musician, Artistic Director and Conductor, The Hartford Independent Chamber, Orchestra Professor of Music at Central Connecticut State University