Wedge Trombone and Euphonium Mouthpieces

Better Range, Endurance, Comfort, Flexibility, Response, and Sound

wedge trombone mouthpiece

Wedge One Piece Trombone Models

Wedge trombone mouthpiece are available in diameters ranging from 0.95 inches to 1.14 inches, measured at .05 inches into the cup.

A wide range of cup depths endures the ability to find the right cup for every playing situation.

E Trombone Cup
E Trombone Cup

Wedge E Trombone Cup

  • Shallow cup similar to Bach E.
  • Bright sound with lots of projection.
  • Suitable for Alto trombone.
  • Preferred by some for extreme lead playing.
Trombone C Cup
Trombone C Cup

Wedge C Trombone Cup

  • Typical shallow C trombone cup.
  • Similar to Bach C cup.
  • Good projection.
  • Most effective with a small to medium diameter as beginner mouthpiece, or for lead trombone.
AL Trombone Cup
AL Trombone Cup

Wedge AL Trombone Cup

  • Medium cup with a slightly funnel shape.
  • Similar to Bach 6-1/2AL cup.
  • Relatively dark sound from a medium cup.
  • Good for intermediate players and players needing something between the shallow C cup and symphonic G cup.
GS Trombone Cup
GS Trombone Cup

Wedge GS Trombone Cup

  • Intermediate between AL and G cup.
  • Similar to Bach 5GS cup.
  • Good combination of projection and lower register performance.
  • More upper register support and projection than the G cup.
G Trombone Cup
G Trombone Cup

Wedge G Trombone Cup

  • Medium deep cup similar to Bach 5G.
  • Most popular model for mature players in a concert band or orchestral setting.
  • Well balanced sound with even response in all registers.
  • Works very well with larger diameters and slightly deeper cup for bass trombone in Wedge 1.5G.
D Trombone Cup
D Trombone Cup

Wedge D Trombone Cup

  • Deeper cup for an extra full low register.
  • Works well for second or third trombone when a big, dark sound is required.
  • Well suited for bass trombone when a larger diameter is used.
  • Used on Wedge 3G and S59 mouthpieces.
XD Trombone Cup
XD Trombone Cup

Wedge XD Trombone Cup

  • Extra deep cup for bass trombone.
  • Huge sound and even response in all registers despite the deep cup.
  • Used in Wedge 1G bass trombone mouthpiece.


Trombone Mouthpiece Selection

The best way to figure out your size is to just give us a call. We will be very happy to help you provide information about sizing with NO pressure to actually buy anything.

Call the Toll Free number at 877 679-3343 or 250 802-2901. If we do not answer please leave your name and number and we will get back to you ASAP. We are here to help.

If you prefer to fit yourself we provide lots of resources below.

Download the Wedge Mouthpiece Fitting Brochure for advice on how to select a Wedge for your specific needs.

Download Wedge Mouthpiece Fitting Brochure

Use the Brochure and the Wedge Trombone Mouthpiece Comparison Charts to find the best mouthpiece for you.

Trombone Mouthpiece Comparison Charts

Trombone and Euphonium Shank Options

Our most popular standard Wedge trombone models currently available for alto, tenor and bass trombone are shown in the comparison chart below. We offer mouthpieces with the usual Small shank and / or Large shank, depending on the mouthpiece size.

To browse our complete line of brass and plastic models, visit our secure and convenient Online Store.

Remington shank mouthpieces are available for tenor sizes 6.5AL, 5G, 5GS, 4G, and 3G. The Remington shank is a large shank with slightly slower Brown and Sharp taper compared to the regular Morse taper. It is used in certain (mostly vintage) tenor and bass trombones with a Remington receiver. Examples of these horns include Elkhart Conn 8H, 88H, 60H, 62H, 70H-73H, and others. The modern 88H accepts a regular Morse taper mouthpiece. A Morse taper mouthpiece will not seat properly in a Remington receiver, and notes will not slot or speak as well as they would with a Remington shank mouthpiece. A Remington shank will not insert far enough into a regular receiver, and will wobble because the tip is larger than a regular large shank mouthpiece.

Medium European shanks for available for trombone sizes 6.5AL, 5G, 4G, and 3G and for all euphonium sizes.

Some bass trombones, for example some vintage King models, have an extra deep receiver. If your mouthpiece inserts more than 1.25 inches (31 mm) into your leadpipe be sure to select the BT Deep Receiver option when ordering bass trombone mouthpieces. We also offer brass and Delrin trombone screw rims compatible with Doug Elliott ST, LT, XT, SB, and LB cups.

Wedge Gen 2 Euphonium Mouthpieces

Wedge Euphonium Cup
Wedge Euphonium Cup



Developed at the request of euphonium players who wanted a Wedge mouthpiece made specifically for their instrument.



  • Second generation Wedge rim design that incorporates a more pronounced oval shape compared to our regular Wedge rim.
  • Sizes range from an ID of 1.01 inches (25.65 mm) to 1.06 inches (26.92 mm)
  • Easily easily correlated with sizes of Denis Wick SM Ultra mouthpieces. See the table below for details.


  • Larger throat for more open blow and bigger sound.


  • Deep bowl shaped contour, similar to other popular euphonium mouthpieces.
  • Unique oval cup shape, larger from top to bottom than side to side, extending right down to the throat.
  • Oval cup shape amplifies the effect of the Wedge rim, providing greater responsiveness in all registers and a bigger, fatter sound compared to a conventional round cup of similar depth and volume.

Dear Dr. Dave,

After having my Wedge for just a few days (only since Monday), I can confidently say this is without a doubt, the best mouthpiece I’ve ever had. There were immediate differences in my playing; scooping into pitches just didn’t happen anymore, my tone was rounder, my range was better, and my endurance was considerably better than with my previous piece. My professor told me just a day after receiving the mouthpiece that he could already tell the difference between my tonality using my other piece and the Wedge, and that he loved the change. Thank you so much for taking the time to find (and make!) the mouthpiece that was perfect for me! This one’s a keeper!

-Cameron Burch

Euphonium Mouthpiece Selection

We make finding the right size easy.

Download the Wedge Mouthpiece Fitting Brochure for advice on how to select a Wedge for your specific needs.

Download Wedge Mouthpiece Fitting Brochure

Use the Brochure and the Wedge Euphonium Mouthpiece Comparison Chart to find the best mouthpiece for you.

Click Here for Wedge Euphonim Comparison Table

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Need help choosing a size?

Check the Trombone and Euphonium Mouthpiece Comparison Tables

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“Since I discovered Wedge mouthpieces I have played them exclusively. I feel they give me superior flexibility of expression, a clear tone, added endurance, and comfort over conventional rims. The Wedge gives a 3 dimensional character and depth to the tone compared to 2-D sound of a conventional mouthpiece. I use Wedge mouthpieces for tenor, alto, and bass trombone, euphonium, and bass trumpet.” –David Ritt,  Seattle Symphony and Seattle Opera Orchestra