Wedge French Horn Mouthpieces

Better Range, Endurance, Comfort, Flexibility, Response, and Sound

wedge french horn mouthpiece

One Piece Model Features

Acrylic Horn Mouthpiece with Brass Tone Modifier

  • Patented Wedge rim technology and unique oval cup
  • Improved comfort, sound, response, flexibility, and range compared to a similar mouthpiece with a traditional rim
  • Available in silver or gold plated brass, or plastic.
  • Diameters ranging from 17 to 18.25 mm in .25 mm intervals measured at .04 inches into the cup
Regular Weight Horn Mouthpiece

  • Rim width 4 mm (.158 inches)
  • Standard bore is a #14 drill, .182 inches or 4.62 mm, #12 drill on XD cups.
  • Cup depths Shallow, Medium, or Deep
  • American and European shanks
  • Regular or heavy weight brass models

Cup Depths

S Cup – Similar to Laskey J cup – Brilliant tone with excellent upper register. The Wedge rim provides an unusually full lower register for a relatively shallow cup compared to a traditional design.

M Cup – Similar to Laskey G cup – Most popular depth for general use. Very even response in all registers makes this our most popular cup and the best choice for most playing situations.

D Cup – Similar to Laskey F cup – Deeper cup for very fat low register. The Wedge rim design provides most players with extended range, despite this relatively deep cup.

XD Cup – Similar to Laskey E, Farkas MDC, Denis Wick Paxman cup – Extra deep cup for a huge lower register.

french horn cup depths

French Horn Fitting

The best way to figure out your size is to just give us a call. We will be very happy to help you provide information about sizing with NO pressure to actually buy anything.

Call the Toll Free number at 877 679-3343 or 250 802-2901. If we do not answer please leave your name and number and we will get back to you ASAP. We are here to help.

If you prefer to fit yourself we provide lots of resources below.

Use the Wedge Mouthpiece Fitting Brochure to learn about selecting a size based on your specific playing needs.

Use the Wedge French Horn Comparison Chart below to select your size.

Download the Wedge Mouthpiece Fitting Brochure

See Wedge French Horn Mouthpiece Comparison Table

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One Piece Silver Plated Mouthpiece


One Piece Plastic Mouthpiece


Silver Plated Screw Rims

Other options available

Want help choosing the best size for you?
Check the French horn mouthpiece Comparison Table

Need personal advice in choosing a size?
Please contact us. We are happy to help.

wedge screw rims

Screw Rims - Thread and Size Options

Wedge French horn mouthpiece rims are available with 750-36 threads (compatible with Moosewood, Giardinelli, Osmun, and Houser mouthpieces), and with “metric” 800-36 threads (compatible with PHC, Paxman, and similar European mouthpieces).

Rims are available in four inner diameters (ID), ranging for 17mm (.669 inches) to 18mm (.709 inches). The ID of Wedge mouthpieces is measured at a depth of .04 inches into the cup, measured from the crest of the rim.

Rim widths range from 3.5 mm (XXN) to 5 mm (W).

750-36 Screw Rims

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The diameter where the rim joins the cup is 16.5mm (.650 inches) for the 17mm to 17.75mm rims and  17mm (.669 inches) for the 18mm rims.

The 16.5mm joint diameter work best with most 750-36 threaded cups from Moosewood and other manufacturers, although they can also be used with larger cups, producing a slight overhang.  18 ID mm rims have a 17mm joint diameter. They  work best with Osmun wide cups and Moosewood BR and BW rims.

The rim height above the joint is .11 inches or 2.79mm on the 750-36 rims.

750-36 wedge screw rims

800-36 "Metric" Screw Rims

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Metric rims have the same OD and ID as the 750-36 thread rims, but the rim height is .130 inches to correspond with the design of PHC rims.

The joint diameter on these rims varies slightly as the ID gets smaller, from 17.5mm (.689 inches) on the 18mm, 17.75mm, and 17.5mm rims to match PHC cups, down to .666 inches for the smallest 17mm ID rims.

The smaller rims have a slight overhang, similar to PHC US1 and US2 rims. This allows players to use a rim with a smaller ID on the larger PHC cups.

800-36 wedge metric screw rims


“The Wedge mouthpiece rim has been very easy me for to adapt to. I started using it full time as soon as I received it eight months ago. Immediately I found that my stamina was much improved, slurs became easier and it encouraged a more relaxed embouchure.” –Andrew Clark, Principal Horn, Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestra, and Victoria Baroque Players