Endorsing Artist Testimonials For The Wedge

We are pleased to present our ever-growing list of endorsing artists. Click on each artist to read their testimonial, bio and more.

Chuck Findley - Wedge Endorsing Artist

Once in a while someone asks about what it takes to become a Wedge endorsing artist. Here is what I tell them.

The first criterion is to be someone who chooses to play the Wedge mouthpiece not because you are offered an endorsement deal, but because you believe it is the best mouthpiece for you at this point in your playing career. I never accept offers from players to endorse the Wedge in exchange for free mouthpieces to try. Artists are almost always people who have purchased a mouthpiece and played it for a significant length of time, usually several months, so that we are both convinced that the Wedge design is better for them than a traditional rim. Only at that point do we talk about their becoming a Wedge artist, and even then I do not pay artists or provide lucrative deals with free mouthpieces. Rather, most artists get a modest discount on mouthpieces they purchase and preferred access to my custom design and consultation services. I offer the same personal service to everyone, but endorsing artists get priority in terms of turn-around time. If I make a custom mouthpiece for an endorsing artist we sometimes choose to offer it as a signature model.

The second criteria is to be someone who others players can relate to. As a result our endorsing artists range from some of the most elite players in the business to less well known but highly successful pros in a wide variety of playing situations. That has been essential in shifting Wedge users from the “early adopters” who try the Wedge because they like new technology, to a rapidly growing number of the “early majority” who play the Wedge because it is “tried and true”. They have seen other musicians who they know and respect using it with great success since we emerged on the scene in 2007. So you do not have to be world famous to be a Wedge artist. You just have to have credibility as a capable player and genuinely want to promote the product because you believe in it. Isn’t that what an endorsement should be?