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Thomas McColl

The Wedge mouthpieces help me more than any mouthpiece I have ever played. They sound better, they have better flexibility and response, and I don't get tired as quickly.

I started looking for a better piccolo mouthpiece after agreeing to play a hard solo piece with my orchestra, and I was curious enough about the Wedge to send Dave an email. He answered very quickly--he always does--and I ended up getting a Wedge version of my normal mouthpiece to see if it would help. I started using it, and I felt myself getting better right away, which in my experience, as far as trumpet playing is concerned, is a rare sensation. I went on to have my best piccolo mouthpiece copied, and it was also a great improvement.

I like the Wedge backbores as well. In general I think Dave has lots of good ideas about mouthpieces, not just one big idea, and he has the necessary craftsmanship to turn his ideas into reality and to build high quality mouthpieces.

If he had been interested in golf clubs he would probably be on the cover of Business Week or Sports Illustrated by now and would have gotten rich through making golfers' lives easier. As brass players, we can be glad he chose mouthpieces.

Thomas McColl

thomas mccoll

Thomas McColl's Biography


Thomas McCollThomas McColl is a trumpeter in Leipzig, Germany, and plays principal trumpet in the Erzgebirgische Philharmonie. He also plays baroque trumpet in various early music ensembles. A typical work month might include symphonic repertoire, opera, light opera, musicals, sacred music with chamber orchestra and choir, solo work and brass ensemble.

He got serious about the trumpet in middle school after moving to Durham NC and taking lessons from an inspiring teacher, Doug Myers. While attending Amherst College (BA Classics) he was very active musically, playing in several ensembles, and after graduating he went to Peabody Conservatory to study trumpet with Ed Hoffman for two years, followed by an Aufbaustudium at the Leipzig Conservatory with Prof. Krämer. He has been living and working there ever since.

In spite of being a professional for nearly fifteen years he still has to practice every day, and for this reason has never felt the need to take up golf.