Endorsing Artist

Richard Scholz

I have been playing on The Wedge since 2008. This mouthpiece has created better flexibility in my playing has provided continuity of timbre throughout all ranges. I have greater endurance and the pitch is easier to center with The Wedge compared to conventional flat-rimmed mouthpieces. I recommended that everyone try The Wedge. I now use it exclusively on all of my horns.

Richard Scholz

richard scholz

Richard Scholz's Biography

Richard ScholzRichard Scholz is the Principal Trumpet with the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra. Richard brings with him many years of experience as a professional trumpet player. He has been performing with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra since 1995, most recently as Assistant Principal Trumpet. Richard has also played with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Regina Symphony Orchestra, Lethbridge Symphony, National Ballet and the Calgary Bach Society Orchestra.

Richard is currently a member of Altius Brass and the Bow Valley Brass Quintet. His experience as a soloist includes performances with Alberta Winds, Metropolitan Winds and the University of Calgary Orchestra. He performed Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 with the Red Deer Symphony in January, 2011. As a versatile freelance musician, Richard has played with performance groups such as the Prime Time Big Band and the Land’s End Chamber Ensemble.

Richard received his Diploma of Music Performance at Mount Royal College as well as his Bachelor of Music in Trumpet Performance from the University of Calgary. He has participated in master classes with trumpet greats such as Bud Herseth, James Thompson, Vincent Cichowicz and Mark Gould.

As an active trumpet clinician and coach for brass ensembles, Richard enjoys sharing his love of music with students in the Calgary area.


Richard Scholz Signature Mouthpiece


Richard has two signature mouthpieces developed to his specifications

The Scholz Lead is based on a modified 5EC rim and cup (5EC MDOC). However, the both the rim and cup have an accentuated oval shape to give the efficiency of a smaller cup and the big sound of a larger one. This modified DOC (double oval cup) design provides a great lower register and slotting with excellent efficiency and upper register performance. The top and bottom parts of the cup are slightly deeper than a 5EC cup, providing a little more room and less chance of bottoming out. The size is similar to a Schilke 14A4A, but slightly shallower. However, the Wedge design provides a better sounding lower register.

The Richard Scholz Piccolo is based on a DOC modified 7EC rim and cup (7EC MDOC). The design is similar to the 5EC MDOC, but slightly smaller. This is also an excellent lead mouthpiece similar in size to a Schilke 13A4A.