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Neal Bennett

The science behind the Wedge is the best compromise between narrow and wide rim designs. I have seen consistent improvements in range, flexibility and attack in my own playing and in my colleagues. I highly recommend the Wedge to anyone as a revolution in mouthpiece design that can have real advantages to your playing. Dr. Dave suggested blowing air through an unmodified piece and then the Wedge. The same air and lip produced a solid core buzz on the Wedge. The efficiency of the Wedge is truly astonishing.

Neal Bennett

  • Founding Member of I Tromboni
neal bennett

Neal Bennett's Biography

Dr. Neal BennettDr. Neal Bennett is best known to Canadian audiences as a founding member of I Tromboni “The Team Canada of Trombones”. For almost a decade I Tromboni has toured the country performing to rave reviews. Their second CD “The Bad and the Beautiful” is an homage to friends and mentors of the last 5 years. I Tromboni are known for their stylish and often humorous delivery of virtuosity. Whether it’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” spun from the bells of trombones or the sweet serenade of “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You” the team can be counted on for a ravishing performance. Dr. Bennett completed his research for his DMA thesis in the monasteries of Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary where he successfully sought out new 18th century repertoire for his instrument of choice the beautiful, yet less well known, alto trombone. Recently 20th and 21st century repertoire has become a focus for Dr. Bennett. The RedShift label will produce a CD in 2011 featuring recent Canadian compositions for solo trombone and choir with all parts performed by himself. He is also the President of Beethoven at Home and director of the Northern Conservatory of Music.

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