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Marco Pierobon

The favorite sport for a trumpeter is to buy trumpet mouthpieces. I've got a closet full of them, in addition to various other accessories, bought, tried for a few days, and regularly put in the same cabinet.

Then I met Dave, we exchanged a few emails, and I told him what I do and what mouthpieces I was using. With my quintet (GomalanBrass) I regularly use 4 different mouthpieces for every concert, depending on repertoire and style.

With his valuable help and his advice, we have developed a whole line, which covers all my needs, and which can be used in symphonic, classical, light fields and with every kind of instrument, big trumpets, medium and small ones, flugelhorn.

The Wedge mouthpieces do not solve the trumpeter's technical problems. No mouthpiece can. But they do offer many advantages.

My sound is now more intense, focused, with a "heavier" core. After very a short period of practice, now I feel that I played these mouthpieces for years. Flexibility is easier, while the "slots" are more defined. The sound is better because the attitude of the muscles and lips is better, so they gain endurance, extension and control over dynamics. Recovery from fatigue is much faster, even in the pauses between phrases.

I made several solo recitals and concerts since using these mouthpieces, in some of them playing all the classical concerts for Trumpet and Orchestra together (Haydn - Hummel - Neruda). Or Mahler's Fifth symphony transcribed for trumpet and organ, or Pulcinella Suite for trumpet and piano. Obviously those programs are very physically demanding, but endurance and sound quality are never questioned! Everything else is... Music.

Thanks Dave!!!

Marco Pierobon

marco pierobon

Marco Pierobon's Biography


Marco PierobonFirst prize winner in international competitions of Passau (Germany), Imperia and Aqui Terme, Marco Pierobon has been for almost ten years Principal Trumpet of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra – Florence (1999-2002 under Zubin Mehta) and the Accademia di Santa Cecilia Orchestra – Rome (2003-2008 under Antonio Pappano), and has collaborated as Principal Trumpet with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Daniel Barenboim) and the Filarmonica della Scala Orchestra.

He has performed as soloist with the orchestras of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, English Chamber Orchestra, Vienna Kammerkonzert, I virtuosi del Teatro alla Scala, Max-Plank-Philharmonie München, Junge Philharmonie Salzburg, Marchigiana Philharmonic, with the orchestras of Mantua, Bolzano, Vicenza, in addition to the Marche wind orchestra and the State Police Military Wind Band.

In this capacity he has worked, among others, with conductors such as Zubin Mehta, Isaac Karabtchevsky, Etienne Siebens, Friedrich Heider, Guenther Neuhold, Ralph Gothoni in Japan, China, Europe and USA.

Marco Pierobon has reliesed a CD for Accademia2008, called “Solo,” with the Orchestra di Fiati delle Marche conducted by Michele Mangani. The CD was commented by Roger Bobo, brass legend, as “wonderful modern trumpet playing, full of musicality”.

He has held Master Classes in USA, Canada, England, Greece, Germany and Austria, in addition to several Italian Festivals and Academies. He has published a didactic DVD about brass instruments.

He has recorded for Sony and Emi with the Accadeia di S.Cecilia (Rome) Orchestra under the direction of Antonio Pappano.

With the GomalanBrass Quintet he has performed throughout Europe, Asia and America, and published four CDs and one DVD for Summit Records and Naxos.

Since 2007 he is trumpet professor at the Conservatories of Bolzano and Reggio Emilia, Italy, and Yamaha Performing Artist.


Pierobon Signature Mouthpieces


Marco has his own line of signature mouthpieces designed to meet the needs of playing in a variety of situations. These mouthpieces are available is brass, stainless steel, or machined Delrin plastic.


pierobon-c-vert-bluePierobon C


The Pierobon C is the signature mouthpiece of Marco Pierobon of the Gomalan Brass for general, orchestral, and quintet use. It is a Standard Brand version of a Reeves 43.5CX with a wide Gabriel style rim. The rim has an ID of .662 and an OD of 1.12. The lateral dip is 15/1000″. This is the same rim found on the Pierobon Lead and Pierobon Flugel models. All Pierobon mouthpieces incorporate our new DOC (double oval cup) that carries the oval rim shape through to the base of the cup. The rim and cup is 10/1000” narrower than it is from top to bottom. The DOC design provides the breadth of sound, fast response, and crisp articulation of a larger cup with the efficiency of a smaller one. Marco plays this mouthpiece has a 25 throat and ML backbore, but it can be ordered with a 27 throat and other backbores as well.


pierobon-leadPierobon Lead


The Pierobon Lead has an OD of 1.198 inches and an ID of .662″. It is similar in size and depth to a Yamaha 14A4A. This mouthpiece has a very comfortable Gabriel style rim with a lateral dip of 15/1000″. The Pierobon Lead also incorporates our new DOC design. The throat can be #27 or #25. Marco usually plays on a #25 throat and an M regular weight backbore.



Pierobon Lead 2


pierobon-lead-2The Pierobon Lead 2 is similar in size and depth to a Yamaha Eric Miyashiro signature mouthpiece. This mouthpiece has a very comfortable Gabriel style rim with a lateral dip of 15/1000″ and DOC cup. The throat can be #27 or #25. Marco usually plays on a #27 throat and a S regular weight backbore.



pierobon-flugelPierobon Flugel


The Pierobon Flugel has the same rim as the Pierobon Classic. The ID is .661 with an OD of 1.12. The rim is a very comfortable Gabriel style with a lateral dip of 15/1000″. The cup is medium deep for a flugel mouthpiece with a DOC design and the throat is .169″. This is a great all round, medium sized flugel mouthpiece. This mouthpiece can be ordered with a shank for any flugel receiver, or for use on a cornet or trumpet.


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