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Kim Beachum

I absolutely love the Wedge. My friend (and incredibly amazing lead player) Jim Murray introduced me to the Wedge this past summer. I knew that Dr. Dave was showcasing the Wedge at the International Trumpet Guild Symposium last June in Banff but I didn't have enough time to stop by and check for my self. Jim had stopped by Dr. Dave's booth at the ITG and played several Wedge rims. Jim settled on a lead Wedge and had an extra one that I tried for a while but it felt tight in the low and mid range for my soloing.

Dr. Dave suggested several rims as possibilities and after a few weeks of playing numerous pieces, I settled on a 7EC rim. Still not convinced that the 7EC was the one for me, Dr. Dave sent me various size 5 rims and the moment I played the 5EC rim, it felt amazing in every way. This Wedge provides me with more range (my high Fs and Gs are solid) and the openness of the sound for soloing in the low, mid and high range makes it more enjoyable to play. As well, after a 3 hour hard big band blow, my chops don't feel as tired as they used to (which is great when playing multiple gigs in a day). This Wedge provides more range and endurance than my old Vizzutti which I thought could never be replaced. This mouthpiece forces me not to over blow and to play correctly.

Let me also say that Dr. Dave's customer service outshines any other supplier, bar none. With numerous emails back and forth, his experience, recommendation of rims and prompt delivery, you could not find better. Dr. Dave allowed me to try rim after rim until I settled in on the right one. I am now playing the 5EC-25 Stainless Steel Top and gold plated 25ML Back Bore Wedge. You will be incredibly surprised how soft the stainless steel rim is. Everyone is going to want one.

I guarantee you, the Wedge is AMAZING!!

Kim Beachum

kim beachum

Kim Beachum's Biography


kim beachumKim Beachum, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, conductor and arranger has been involved in the music and recording industry in various aspects for over 35 years. From his early years in the Calgary Philharmonic to a National TV Commercial with Paul Anka, Kim spent many years in Las Vegas and Los Angeles as a musician, producer or technician.

Kim grew up studying music in Calgary in the 60’s and moved to the US in 1974. He arranged and recorded with Mohamed Ali on Ali’s only recording “Fly like a butterfly and Sting like a bee”. He was also musical director for Brad Mitchell at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas in the early 80’s.

From 1982 to 1986, Kim traveled the US and Canada as a road musician with various artists as opening act for headline country artists.

Kim moved back to Calgary in 1986 and has been performing with various shows and artists including Petula Clark, Mary Wilson (of The Supremes), The Drifters, The Diamonds, Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Temptations, Lou Christie and other touring acts. Kim currently plays regularly as lead trumpet in the First Alliance Orchestra, as second/jazz chair in the Prime Time Big Band (his personal favourite) and with various other acts and bands.

Kim plays a Wedge 5EC-25SST Top/Wedge 25MMLBB mouthpiece on a Wild Thing (by Flip Oakes) Bb trumpet and a Bach C trumpet.