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Jim Murray

The Wedge is the most comfortable mouthpiece I have ever played on. Having it so comfortable naturally has led to improved range and sound. EVERY Wedge mouthpiece I have tried has been more comfortable and had an improved range then my all my conventional mouthpieces.

I first met Dr. Dave at the 2008 ITG conference the morning after a HUGE day of rehearsing and performing. The last thing I wanted to do was put another mpc to my face. I hadn't warmed up, really woke up, or eaten, but agreed to pick up the Wedge anyway.

Before trying it I thought this mpc is too weird, I was too tired and hungry, and I'd put it down after a few notes, as I wasn't really into it. Man, was I wrong. Did it feel different? Yes. Different, but GOOD. After the night before I was surprised how comfortable my lips felt and before I knew it I was being a stupid lead player and playing up to double C's. Thankfully I did put it down but made arrangements with Dr. Dave to come back the next day and give it another try. The next day I still went back thinking "it was just a fluke and it can't be that effortless". Wrong again. I left with a lead mpc and the games began.

Did I find the exact fit to match what I was looking for right off? No. It took a little time. And here is where I have to say something about Dr. Dave.

He worked WITH me like no one else has. I knew he wasn't just looking to make a sale when one day as I was battling with wanting an improved range without giving up sound quality Dave said to me over the phone "Maybe you just aren't a Wedge Head". Since all the Wedge mouthpieces I had felt better than conventional pieces, and I was loving the benefits of improved range, better core and the effortless feel to them, I didn't want to give up. Dr. Dave made more suggestions and sent more mpc's. Again, and again, and again.

We have finally found a lead , legit and flugel mouthpiece to match the sound and performance I am looking for. Are they 100% perfect? I don't think anything will ever be, but I can say the Wedge Mouthpiece line is the best I have ever played on.

Thank you so much to Dr. Dave. I am a better player because of him.

Jim Murray

jim murray

Jim Murray's Biography


jim murrayHailed as one of Canada’s top lead trumpet players, Jim Murray has been actively playing in the professional music scene for 15 years. A relatively “young guy” in the business, Jim began his career playing solo / lead trumpet in A Band of Outriders, a community band which he also assistant directed under Dave Jones. He soon earned himself a place as a substitute in Prime Time Big Band and went on to gain his current position as lead trumpet with the band. With Dave, he has also started a new community band in the city called “Rhythm’s Edge”.

Jim was born in Toronto, Canada and at the age of 6 moved with his family to Edmonton. By the age of 8, the Murray clan had moved to Calgary where Jim has been ever since. Jim began playing trumpet in junior high and continued through high school, studying with trumpet artist and composer, Greg Bush. Throughout his high school years Jim played with the world renowned Calgary Stampede Showband. He traveled with them to worldwide destinations such as Japan, Italy, Australia, and the UK.

Early in Jim’s career he played lead trumpet with the Calgary Stampede’s alumni band, The Band of Outriders. Following his eleven years with The Outriders, Jim and the former director, David Jones, formed a new band, Rhythm’s Edge. The band went on to be the house band of Spruce Meadows in Calgary.

Jim’s musical career has seen him play with a number of trumpet greats including Dominic Spera, Jens Lindemann, Gary Guthman, Greg Bush, Bobby Shew, Chase Sanborn, Dave Jackson, Mike Herriott and Allen Vizzutti. Bands in Calgary such as the Eric Friedenberg Big Band, Southern Stardust Big Band, and The University of Calgary Big Band are also familiar with Jim’s talents. Jim is a regular on lead trumpet with one of Canada’s top big bands, Prime Time Big Band, under the direction of David Jones.

You can hear Jim play with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra for select Pops concerts and as well on the Heebee-Jeebees’ CD “Heebee-Jeebee TV”, Jann Arden’s CD “Uncover Me”, and Prime Time Big Band”s CD “…For Our Friends”. In addition, you can hear Jim play for millions with The Calgary Stampede”s Grandstand Orchestra for the 10 days of the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth.


The Jim Murray Signature Lead Mouthpiece



jm-leadWe are pleased to announce the latest mouthpiece in our signature line, the Jim Murray Lead. Jim has been using a Wedge mouthpiece since the 2008 ITG in Banff where he played lead trumpet backing some of the top performers on stage with the Prime Time Big Band.

We have been working with Jim to produce his own signature mouthpiece for the past few months. The JM Lead is similar to a Wedge 7FC, but incorporates a slightly wider rim and our new DOC cup design. Jim will be giving the mouthpiece a good workout in the next three weeks as he is playing the Broadway Across America production of Wicked in Calgary.

Learn more about Jim Murray

Visit Jim’s website: www.jim-murray.ca