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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

The Wedge, for all it's unconventional rim characteristics, felt exceptionally comfortable right from the get-go, and I have been playing my Wedge Signature Line for trumpet, flugelhorn, and trombone exclusively ever since! It seems to have a 'grip' that I have not found in other mouthpieces, and along with that it provides an added degree of flexibility and 'range security'. If I had to describe it in layman's terms, I would liken it to the way a 'court' or 'cross-trainer' athletic shoe feels in comparison to a cumbersome, thick bottomed runner.... more adept and responsive, and quick on the turns. It feels good and I love the sound... full at the bottom and crisp at the top. There's always something new under the sun!

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

  • Performer, Recording Artist, and Producer

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's Biography

gabriel hasselbachGabriel Mark Hasselbach is a JUNO Award winning multi-instrumentalist with a firm grasp on contemporary and mainstream jazz idioms. He is a unique stylist on trumpet, flute, flugelhorn and more, with over a dozen CDs under his own name (some mainstream and some contemporary), and many more with numerous other artists as player and/or producer, several of which have gone gold, platinum, and even double platinum.
With his own releases he has made a solid impact on the US radio market, on the Jazz Week Mainstream charts, as well as numerous Billboard Contemporary Jazz chartings. Gabriel was the #3 most downloaded independent jazz CD at Amazon in 2005, and received an award from SmoothJazz.com for top downloads. In 2001 and was featured on Jazz Alley TV’s syndicated series for BET (shown in 41 countries) entitled ‘Live On Maui’ which has subsequently been released on DVD. His music can be heard in various movies and television productions. In 2011 he won Wind Instrumentalist of the Year, and also the coveted Album of the Year Award for his album Told Ya So. He also has a Juno Award and two Juno/Technics all Star Band Awards. Since his big radio breakout in 2005, he has had a half dozen (and counting) Billboard Top 20’s of his own and several Top 5’s as featured soloist with other artists.
Gabriel has performed at festivals such as Montreux, North Sea, JVC, TD International, Chandler (Phoenix), DuMaurier and other international festivals, and has recorded or performed with the likes of such varied artists as Michael Bublé (Gabriel performed with him extensively, recorded several albums with him, and produced the Michael Bublé album ‘Dream’), Bob James, Jeff Lorber, Bob Mintzer, Paul Brown, Greg Manning, Chuck Loeb, Brian Bromberg, George Benson, Tom Scott, Marc Antoine, Jeremy Monteiro, Little Richard, John Denver, The O’Jays, Gino Vanelli, Heart, John Lee Hooker, Kenny ‘Blues Boss’ Wayne, the Powder Blues, and Long John Baldry.

The Gabriel Signature Line


The Gabriel line of mouthpiece tops was designed for our original endorsing artist, Vancouver performer and producer Gabriel Hasselbach. Gabriel plays exclusively Wedge mouthpieces on trumpet and flugelhorn. He has over a dozen albums, recorded on Wedge equipment since 2008. All six (and counting) Billboard Top 20 singles have been a product of Wedge performance enhancing technology.

Harrison mouthpieces worked with Gabriel to design a special mouthpiece to his own specifications. Although he has used silver plate, gold plate, and stainless steel to great effect, Gabriel prefers the Delrin material for his ‘pieces because of the always comfortable temperature on the lips, and the grip’.The Gabriel line has the following features.

• Based on 10.5 cushion rim with increased OD for added comfort.

• Extra wide shoulders on lateral rim.

• Reduced (0.015″) lateral dip for more even distribution of pressure around the circumference of the rim.

Three models – Gabriel Jazz, Gabriel Lead, Gabriel Flugel.

Gabriel Jazz

This is a general purpose mouthpiece with a medium cup. It has a full lower register and works well for all round solo and ensemble playing.

Gabriel Lead

This is a great choice for pop or lead playing where ease of upper register is a priority, but where a full mid to low register remains important. It has a slightly lower alpha angle and more bowl shaped bottom with a sharper shoulder into the throat. It produces a big, cutting sound, without becoming screechy or nasally. This is a sure fire lead piece, but works well as the go-to mouthpiece for soloing when the chops are overly warmed up or tired.

Gabriel Flugel

The Gabriel Fugel has the Gabriel rim and a relatively deep FLX flugelhorn cup for a rich and warm sound.

The Gabriel is an ideal rim for a player who likes the Wedge design, but who is sensitive to the pressure produced by the contoured rim on the upper lip. The design retains the Wedge playing characteristics with the advantage of an extremely comfortable cushion rim. Intonation is great, with a good balance between edge and fluffiness in the sound. Gabriel rims are available by special order in all diameters.

Learn more about Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Visit Gabriel’s website: www.gabrieljazz.com
Here is a stellar review from a well known, world class Trumpet Star, Randy Brecker:
“Gabriel Mark Hasselbach’s new CD Open Invitation, on which he wrote all the tunes and plays trumpet, flugel, alto and C flutes, valve bone, and EVI, is a tour de force of arranging and production….. Gabriel sounds great on everything…. no easy task, and should be really proud of this one! You’ll find yourself humming these tunes when you least expect it!” ~ Randy Brecker – multiple Grammy winning trumpeter (Brecker Bros, etc)

Read more reviews from all around the world here: http://gabrieljazz.com/reviews.htm

Videos that demonstrate the Wedge- All styles: https://youtu.be/Z1EJ5UPhfAM

Sample of his Contemporary show: http://youtu.be/e3fCzrD1W3o + https://youtu.be/97ANkNCj2bg

Sample of his Classic Jazz material: http://youtu.be/EOLVlD2qQaU

Festival show https://youtu.be/c7dZcItlSck Big Band in concert: https://youtu.be/xY0dDPHhzU8