Endorsing Artist

Daniel D'Addio

I have enjoyed playing, and am thriving as a performer with my Wedge mouthpieces! As a solo and chamber musician as well a conductor, the Wedge mouthpiece allows me to remain "in good lip" with efficient use of valuable practice time. Since trying my first mouthpiece, I have experienced a vibrant, resonant, and singing tone quality with minimal effort and maximal efficiency. Additionally, my flexibility, articulation, and technique have equally benefited from the use of Wedge Mouthpieces on all of my trumpets.

I have recently acquired a Wedge mouthpiece with a 5% Angled Rim. As a downstream player with an overbite, the angled rim allows me to relax the jaw and focus my energy on other aspects of embouchure and articulation. Dave Harrison is revolutionising mouthpiece design! Bravo!!! 

Daniel D'Addio

Daniel D'Addio's Biography

Daniel D’Addio is Professor of Music at Central Connecticut State University where he teaches trumpet and coaches chamber music. He also serves on the faculty of The Hartt School Community Division as a trumpet instructor and chamber music coach. Dr. D’Addio is Music Director of the Connecticut Youth Symphony and serves as conductor for the Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra. Additionally he performs as a soloist and chamber musician throughout the Northeast. Daniel D’Addio is a Wedge Mouthpiece Endorsing Artist and a Yamaha Performing Artist.