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Chuck Findley

"The comfort, response, and sound quality of the Wedge mouthpiece are wonderful."

Chuck Findley

Chuck Findley's Biography

Charles B. “Chuck” Findley (born 13 December 1947 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania) is an American session musician. Most widely known as a trumpet player, he also plays other brass instruments such as flugelhorn, slide trumpet and trombone. His technical abilities and versatility are renowned even among other session players, with the celebrated session horn player and arranger Jerry Hey saying “Chuck Findley can play anything”.

After graduating Maple Heights High School in Ohio in 1965, he attended the Cleveland Institute of Music. Findley’s first professional work was with the Jimmy Dorsey Big Band before joining the Buddy Rich Band on a world tour. In 1989 he joined the Tonight Show band led by Doc Severinsen. He was also a member of the band on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno from 1994 to 2001. Chuck’s playing can be heard  with B.B.King and Steely Dan, he has also played and/or recorded with Nancy Sinatra, Miles Davis, Stanley Turrentine, Toto, Pat Boone, Christopher Cross, Jaco Pastorius, Lee Ritenour, Jackson Browne, George Benson, George Harrison, Elton John, Carole King, Rickie Lee Jones, Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, Dionne Warwick, Diane Schuur, Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Tina Turner, Al Jarreau, Sarah Vaughan, Narada Michael Walden, Robert Palmer, Herbie Hancock & Buddy Rich, to name a few.



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Chuck Findley Signature Mouthpieces

Chuck has three signature Wedge mouthpieces. All of his mouthpieces have our latest Gen 2 rim design which is based on nearly 10 years of evolution and refinement of the original Wedge design.

Rim: Inner diameter .660 inches measured at .04 inches into the cup. Outer diameter 1.114 inches. The rim is relatively wide with a medium bite radius. This gives excellent comfort and flexibility without compromising articulation.

Cup: Cups depths are S, MS, and M. The S cup is similar to a Schilke A cup depth.

The Chuck Findley S (66S) is an excellent choice for a lead player who prefers a medium sized mouthpiece similar in size to a Schilke 14A4A.

The Chuck Findley M (66M) has a medium depth C cup, suitable for all round playing, and especially of “pit and pops” playing where some efficiency and projection is required and the players still needs a good lower register.

The Chuck Findley MS (66MS) is a hybrid between the S and M cup.  There is also V option for the M cup, which produces a slightly more V shaped transition into the throat. The modified V makes the cup a little deeper an more similar to a Bach 3C cup. It produces a somewhat darker sound.

Chuck Finldey mouthpieces are available as one piece or two piece models in brass and plastic. Chuck plays a mouthpiece mouthpieces with an optional five degree angled rim.