CarolBrass Instruments


We are pleased to have taken over from The Brass Cellar as the Canadian distributor for CarolBrass instruments.


CarolBrass instruments are made by the Haxon Gakki Co. in Taiwan. They have been making brass instruments since 1990. CarolBrass offers an extensive line of trumpets, pocket trumpets, piccolo trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, and trombones.


Dr. Dave has extensive experience with CarolBrass instruments, being co-owner of The Brass Cellar, which previously distributed CarolBrass in Canada. The BrassCellar has relocated to become The BrassCellar New Zealand, and we have taken over CarolBrass in Canada.


Dr. Dave personally plays CarolBrass instruments as his primary Bb and Piccolo trumpet. These are high quality instruments that play as well as offerings from major well known brands for approximately one third to one half the price.


We are in the process of bringing in stock of Bb and C trumpets for the online store and can order other instruments as well. If you are interested in purchasing a CarolBrass instrument please email Dr Dave at