About The Company

We at Harrison Mouthpieces Inc. are a small company striving to provide the highest quality, truely innovative brass mouthpieces and best customer service possible to a wide variety of amateur and professional brass musicians.

We recognize that there are many excellent mouthpieces on the market to choose from. Manufacturers make a variety of claims, some better justified than others. Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out fact from fiction when choosing between them. Here is a list of what you can expect from us, and what you should expect from any manufacturer, when trying to make sense of various claims while looking for a new mouthpiece.

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mouthpiece being manufactured

Six Things You Should Expect from a Mouthpiece Manufacturer


Detailed Explanation of What Distinguishes the Brand

Expect a clear and detailed description of specific design features that set the mouthpiece apart from other brands. “It’s better” does not qualify.

Reject claims of design features that are too sophisticated or secret to share. There is no unmeasurable magic. Be suspicious of a return to “vintage” designs, claiming that they play better. Many of them are excellent mouthpieces, and the vintage appearance can be appealing, but being vintage in design does not make them better or worse than others. If they are so much better why did manufacturers move away from them, and why only bring them back now? So ask the question, why this brand, and expect an answer that makes sense.


Proof of Claims

Expect proof. Do not believe statements for or against the merits of any brand or model without personal experience. The proof is in the playing, so play the mouthpiece and make your own decision is based on whether or not it is it is better you. Be skeptical, and open minded at the same time. Make your own critical analysis based on the evidence at hand, not dogma, unsubstantiated claims, or the opinions of others.

Reject endorsements from famous players as a reason to play any mouthpiece. Endorsements do lend credibility to a brand, but do not mean any particular mouthpiece is good for you. Be sure that artists endorse the mouthpiece because they play it, rather than playing it because they endorse it. There is a difference. Ask about the nature of the company’s relationship with endorsing artists.


Clear Explanation of Features

Expect a clear explanation of exactly what any specific new or old design features will do for you, and how they will do it. How will they make you play better? Reject unexplained benefits like better comfort, more range and endurance, better flexibility without an explanation of how they are provided. Every mouthpiece manufacturer makes those claims. What actually makes this mouthpiece different?

A Fair Return Policy

Expect a return policy that gives you enough time to fully evaluate the mouthpiece in a direct comparison with your regular mouthpiece beyond the honeymoon period that sometimes lasts several weeks. Manufacturers should not be shy about going head to head in a thorough comparison with a similar mouthpiece from the competition.

Reject the notion that once you buy a mouthpiece it is yours. You should not expect to be sent a mouthpiece for free, but you should not get stuck with a mouthpiece that does not work for you either, and returns or exchanges should be made easy. On the other hand do not expect to be able to mistreat a mouthpiece and send it back damaged.


A Bit of Humility

Expect an admission that not everyone will play better on their brand of mouthpiece. Players have different needs and preferences. Also expect that when the manufacturer makes a mistake they will make it right. Reject suggestions that if the mouthpiece does not work for you it is somehow your fault, that you don’t play well enough to appreciate it, or that takes 6 months to learn to play the mouthpiece properly. Unless your current mouthpiece is fundamentally wrong for you and the type of playing you do it should only take a matter of days or at the most weeks until a new, more suitable mouthpiece out-performs an old one. Mouthpiece changes should usually improve things fairly quickly.

Personalized Service

Expect courteous, personalized service from the manufacturer who knows everything there is to know about the mouthpiece, regardless of whether you are the principal in a famous orchestra or just starting out in your school band. Reject the notion that you should have to pay someone in order get get advice about which model to buy. Helping players find the right size is called customer service.

Always remember, the proof is not in marketing, claims of superiority, secret ingredients or designs, glossy brochures, artist endorsements, or in mathematical, scientific arguments or patents (not even ours). The proof is in the playing. Demand that.

Does This Sound Crazy?

Are you thinking that these are impossible expectations and that no such a mouthpiece manufacturer exist?

Then you have not discovered the difference of the Wedge mouthpiece. The proof is in the playing.

Dr Dave Harrison, MD

Inventor or the Wedge Mouthpiece

President, Harrison Mouthpieces, Inc.


“I was really amazed how easy it was for me to just play the Wedge from the start. The uniqueness of the design just took the efficiency of my embouchure to a higher level immediately.” –Matt Graves, New York Area Freelancer, Certified Claude Gordon Teacher and Author of Fundamental Flexibility Studies