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Get better range, endurance, comfort, flexibility, response, and sound.

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The Wedge Mouthpiece

Unlike any mouthpiece you have tried before

On this page

  • What most players want from a new mouthpiece
  • How traditional mouthpieces fail to deliver
  • What the Wedge mouthpiece provides
  • How the Wedge mouthpiece works
  • Objections to the Wedge design, and why they are wrong
  • What players say about the Wedge mouthpiece
  • How you can get a Wedge mouthpiece

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Players using a Wedge can expect

  • Better Range
  • More Endurance
  • Greater Comfort
  • Less Swelling
  • Fuller Sound
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Clearer Articulation
  • More Even Sound Between Registers
  • Reduced Symptoms for Players with Focal Dystonia
  • Easy Adaptation
  • Complete Line of Sizes and Options
  • Friendly, Personalised Fitting and Service – We Want to Help

The problem with traditional mouthpieces

Mouthpiece manufacturers know that most players want better range, endurance, comfort, and sound. They try to design mouthpieces accordingly. The problem is that traditional designs have down sides.

  • Shallow cups help range but brighten sound.
  • Small diameters increase endurance and range, but make sound smaller and reduce flexibility.
  • Narrow rims increase flexibility and reduce comfort.
  • Extra wide rims improve comfort but reduce flexibility and sometimes endurance.

The Wedge provides new solutions without the usual down sides

How is this possible?

The Wedge mouthpiece has unique features unlike any other mouthpiece

  • Oval rim and cup that are longer top to bottom than side to side.
  • Rim that is wider at top and bottom than at the sides.
  • Rim that slopes away from the embouchure at the sides, reducing contact and pressure there.

Are you skeptical? You should be

Lots of brands claim to make mouthpieces giving superior performance. Do they back that up with an explanation of exactly how they accomplish that?

We provide a detailed explanation of exactly how the Wedge works.

Is there a reason NOT to try a Wedge?

People are suspicious of new things. We understand that. We have heard lots of objections to the Wedge design. You might be thinking of some of them already.

What do players actually say about the Wedge?

This all sounds interesting, in theory. But what do players actually say about the Wedge. Read unedited feedback from players who have tried the Wedge mouthpiece. As we like to say, the proof is in the playing.

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Let’s talk about mouthpieces! Call us at 877 679-3343 or 250 802-2901.pieces! Call us at 877 679-3343 or 250 802-2901.


“I’m feeling like I’m playing with less pressure now and can play longer. I recently used it in a recording session and have been getting lots of compliments.” -DM