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Brandon Ridenour

Endorsing Artist

"Endurance has been the biggest advantage in switching to the Wedge. Now, when I get to the end of a solo or quintet concert, I feel like I could play another one! The shape of the rim distributes the pressure in a way that allows any efficient player to play for hours on end. Wedge mouthpieces provide excellent focus for both sound and pitch. This tonal focus makes finding those note "slots" much easier and aiming for those slots becomes much more reliable. In addition to these characteristics, the Wedge is the most comfortable feeling mouthpiece I have ever played. If all of these assets are something you're searching for, then try out a Wedge!"

Brandon Ridenour

Ridenour Signature Mouthpiece

Brandon has his own line of signature Ridenour mouthpieces.

The Ridenour is a Wedge version of a Bach 1-1/2C with our new DOC (double oval cup) design. Brandon uses this with a 27 throat and regular weigh ML backbore.

For piccolo trumpet Brandon uses a Ridenour Pic with a 27 throat and a M backbore.

For cornet he has a Ridenour Cornet, which has the same rim as the B1.5C trumpet mouthpiece and a DOC cup similar in depth to a Wick B cup.

The Ridenour Flugel has the B1.5 rim and a medium deep DOC flugel cup.

Brandon also uses a "secret weapon" gold plated stainless steel S14A4A when he needs a "lead" mouthpiece.





In 2006, at the age of 20, trumpeter Brandon Ridenour became the youngest member to ever join the prestigious Canadian Brass.  The same year, he won the International Trumpet Guild solo competition playing his own composition, Sonata for Trumpet and Piano.  Brandon is an extremely prolific composer/arranger with numerous arrangements and compositions featured by Canadian Brass on recordings and in concert.  As a soloist, Brandon has performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, National Symphony Orchestra, Aspen Festival Orchestra, Grand Rapids Symphony, Brass Band of Battle Creek, Ensemble ACJW, and the New Juilliard Ensemble, amongst others. 

Brandon’s trumpet playing has lead him to perform with legendary artists such as Sting, James Taylor, Marvin Hamlisch, and an opportunity to meet former President, Bill Clinton.  Brandon has appeared frequently at Carnegie Hall and has been invited to perform with some of the world’s leading ensembles, including the New York Philharmonic, International Contemporary Ensemble, and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra in Europe.  Brandon is a graduate of the Juilliard School and an alumnus The Academy, a two year fellowship program with Carnegie Hall, Juilliard and the Weill Music Institute.   Brandon currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.


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My problem was being a 1/4 tone sharp above the staff with most lead type mouthpieces.Then Dave Harrison's Wedge MPs arrived. Having the right MP configuration for the horn and my way of playing makes correcting that sharpness very manageable and predictable. If I had not gone on this safari--and to be honest several folks thought I was wasting my time--I would have greatly limited my playing ability.

Blaine J. Painter,
Maj, USAF, Command Pilot, RETIRED