Student Loaner & Discount Program

Schools and universities can take advantage of our Student Loaner and Discount Program.

  1. School mouthpieces can be purchased for the band room inventory at a 10% discount. These mouthpieces can be loaned to students, but they are not to be sold or given to students by the school. These mouthpieces cannot be returned.
  2. Once students have determined that the Wedge mouthpiece works well for them they can purchase their own mouthpiece directly from us at the same 10% discount. These mouthpieces cannot be returned for  a refund, but can be exchanged for a different size within a 2 week period.
  3. The school mouthpiece can also be used to help the student develop a forward, centrally focused embouchure, even if the student has no inclination to switch to the Wedge. Playing the mouthpiece for even a short time during a lesson with appropriate coaching illustrates to the student the importance of good corner control, without which the student will leak air. This improved corner control will translate into better performance on the conventional mouthpiece after going back to it from the Wedge.

How Can You Get A Teaching Mouthpiece?

Instructors can contact Dr Dave and request to join the program. They will be required to demonstrate that they are affiliated with a school or college. They must confirm that the mouthpiece will be used for teaching purposes, not as the teacher’s personal mouthpiece. We will then send out one or two teaching mouthpieces to begin the program.