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Wedge Trumpet and Cornet Mouthpieces 

Better Sound, Range, Endurance, Flexibility and Comfort - Guaranteed.

The Wedge mouthpiece has been described by players using it as the most significant innovation in brass design in decades. It was developed by a medical doctor combining an understanding of human anatomy and physiology with 40 years of experience as a trumpet player. The result is a unique oval, curved rim shape that is far more comfortable and efficient than a traditional round and flat rim.

Players using a Wedge mouthpiece can expect:

  • Easy Adaptation with no need for a change in your embouchure
  • A fuller sound more even response in all registers
  • Greater comfort
  • Improved flexibility
  • More endurance
  • Enhanced range
  • Better articulation
  • Less swelling

We stand behind these claims with:

  • Free shipping to most locations
  • 90 days to try the mouthpiece
  • Full refund or exchange with no restocking fees

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Prices and Features of the Wedge Trumpet Mouthpiece Line

One Piece Mouthpieces - $190 

One Piece Plastic Mouthpieces - $65

Silver Plated Tops (for use with a separate backbore) - $140

Plastic Tops (Delrin or Acrylic) - $55

Choosing the Correct Size

Finding the right size is easy. We offer an extensive Standard Brand Line with cup diameters and depths based on familiar sizing of competing brands such as Bach, Monette, Schilke, Yamaha, and others.

To select the appropriate Wedge mouthpiece simply find your mouthpiece from the list below and click on the link to learn more about it in our secure on-line store.

Need Help Choosing a New Size?

Fill out a brief  Wedge Fitting Survey. Dr Dave will personally analyse your responses and get back to you by email with suggested sizes. 

Ready to order? Find your mouthpiece below.
Converting from Bach:

Bach 1B = Wedge B1B - Extra Large, orchestral mouthpiece with a deep modified V shaped cup. Diameter larger than Bach 1C and 1-1/4C.

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Bach 1C = Wedge B1C - Large orchestral mouthpiece with bowl shaped cup.

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Bach 1-1/4C = Wedge B1.25C - Very popular mouthpiece for orchestral and chamber work. Good for player who needs slightly more room in Bach 1-1/2C or similar size.

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Bach 1-1/2C = Wedge B1.5C (Ridenour) -  Signature mouthpiece of Brandon Ridenour. Most popular size for advanced player in orchestra and chamber groups. Versatile, all round mouthpiece for players with a well developed embouchure. Slightly larger diameter and softer bite than the B3C, with a deeper cup.

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Bach 3B = Wedge B3B - Relatively deep, modified V shaped cup with medium diameter rim. Deeper than B1.5C cup. Produces dark sound. Popular choice for orchestra, chamber, and Jazz.

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Bach 3C = Wedge B3C - Most popular mouthpiece size, good for many applications.  Not all Bach C cups are the same. The Bach 3C cup is shallower than any other C cup in the Bach line. Sound is therefore brighter than B1.5C and other Bach C cup mouthpieces. Very efficient and versatile mouthpiece.

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Bach 3D = Wedge B3D - Same rim as B3C with shallower cup suitable for pops, pit, and even lead. Also popular as a moderately shallow piccolo trumpet mouthpiece. The B3D has a diameter slightly larger than the S14A4A, and roughly the same cup depth with a more modified V shape, making it sound slightly darker.

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Bach 5C = Wedge B5C - Slightly smaller diameter than B3C with sharper bite. Cup is deeper than B3C, producing a darker sound. Highly under-rated size suitable for a wide variety of playing situations, including orchestra. Excellent alternative to the deeper B7C for young players.

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Bach 6B = Wedge B6B - Intermediate in diameter between B5C and B7C. Deep cup produces dark sound, great for Jazz.

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Bach 7C = Wedge B7C - Most commonly recommended "beginner" mouthpiece. However, the original Bach rim feels smaller than it is because of the rim high point is shifted to the the inside and the rim is narrow. The cup is very deep for a C cup - deeper than a Bach 1-1/2C or B5C. The Wedge version has a more comfortable, wider rim.

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7D = Wedge B7D - Mostly used as a piccolo trumpet mouthpiece. The original Bach 7D and Wedge B7D have a sharp bite and smaller diameter than the B7C or B7E.

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Bach 7E = Wedge B7E - The Bach 7E is the most popular piccolo trumpet mouthpiece in general use. The Wedge B7E is also available as a separate top for use on a cornet backbore for piccolo. Cup is actually just slightly shallower than a B3C and deeper than a B3D. Also works very well for pit and lead.

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Bach 10-1/2C Wedge B10.5C - Small size and relatively deep cup for the diameter produces a surprisingly efficient and dark sounding mouthpiece. More shallow than the very deep B7C. 

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Bach 10-1/2D = Wedge B10.5D -  Same diameter as B10.5C with medium shallow cup. Great for pic and pops.

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Converting from Monette:


These mouthpieces are made from a shorter and heavier blank, with slightly less mass than the original Monette STC-1 models.

Monette B2 = Wedge MB2 - Similar in size to a Bach 1-/14C or Wedge B1.25C. Deeper than MB3. This is an excellent orchestral mouthpiece.

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Monette C2 = Wedge MC2 - Same cup as MB2, but with shorter overall length, matching that of original Monette C2. Shorter length improves pitch and slotting on C trumpets, reducing the need for alternate fingerings.

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Monette B3 = Wedge MB3 - Similar in size to Bach 1-1/2C or Wedge B1.5C, but with a slightly shallower cup. This is an excellent orchestral mouthpiece.

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Monette C3 =  Wedge MC3 - Same cup as MB3, but with shorter overall length, matching that of original Monette C3. Shorter length improves pitch and slotting on C trumpets, reducing the need for alternate fingerings.

Want More Information? 

Monette B4, B4S = Wedge MB4 - Similar in size to a Bach 3C or Wedge B3C. Suitable for a wide variety of playing situations. 

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Monette C4 = Wedge MC4 - Same cup as MB4, but with shorter overall length, matching that of original Monette C3. Shorter length improves pitch and slotting on C trumpets, reducing the need for alternate fingerings. 

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Monette B4LS = Wedge MB4LS - Same rim as MB4, but with medium shallow cup, suitable for lead playing.

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Monette B6 = Wedge MB6 - Slightly smaller diameter than MB4 with similar cup depth and shape. Good all round mouthpiece.

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Monette B6LS = Wedge MB6LS - Same rim as MB6, but with medium shallow cup suitable for lead playing. The medium-small diameter and medium-shallow cup make this a very efficient lead mouthpiece. 

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Converting from Schilke:

Schilke 19 = Wedge S19 - Large diameter and deep, bowl shaped cup make this an excellent orchestral mouthpiece. 

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Schilke 18 = Wedge S18 - Similar in diameter to a B1.25C, with a larger, more bowl shaped cup. Big, orchestral sound.

Want More Information? 

Schilke 15A4A = Wedge S15A4A - Slightly larger diameter than S14A4A and a medium shallow cup make this and excellent choice for lead trumpet.

Want More Information? 

Schilke 14A4A = Wedge S14A4A - The 14A4A has been the "workhorse" lead trumpet mouthpiece for decades. The Wedge S14A4A greatly improves on the original design, providing a vastly superior mid and low register and improved upper register performance. If you want the lead qualities of a 14A4A "on steroids" and the low register of a Bach 3C this mouthpiece is for you.

Want More Information? 

Schilke 13A4A = Wedge S13A4A - The S13A4A is significantly smaller and shallower than the S14A4A. It crosses the line from the "medium-small" to "small" category of lead mouthpieces. However, the S13A4A has been a very successful size, being the model on which mouthpieces such as the Bobby Shew Lead was based.

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Schilke 6A4A = Wedge S6A4A - The S6A4A is our most popular small lead mouthpiece. The Wedge version of the 6A4A has a much more even response from top to bottom, and has a surprising full low register for such a small mouthpiece. No more sounding like a quacking duck when playing below the middle of the staff.

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Converting from Yamaha:

Yamaha 17B4 = Wedge Y17B4

Want More Information? 

Yamaha 14C4 = Wedge Y14C4

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Yamaha 14B4 = Wedge Y14B4

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Yamaha Allen Vizzutti = Wedge YAV

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Yamaha Bobby Shew Lead = YBSL

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Unable to find your particular mouthpiece? Check for more Standard Brand options in out online store, or contact us by phone or email. We would be happy to help with your selection.

Wedge Modular Mouthpieces

Wedge Tops

We also offer a modular system, with a variety of tops in brass, stainless steel, and plastic.

The modular system allows you to fine tune your top selection with different backbores. 

Wedge tops are compatible with backbores from other fine manufacturers such Warburton, Kanstul, and Pickett Brass. 

Wedge Backbores

We also offer our own line of backbores with special features.

  • Two part backbores with a choice of regular or heavy weight in the upper section
  • Shorter backbore option to improve the pitch and slotting of C trumpets
  • Shanks with various insertion depths to fine tune mouthpiece gap

Bb length and C Length Backbores

New Product Option - Wedge Angled Rim for Overbite and Underbite

We now offer Wedge trumpet mouthpieces with an angled Wedge rim for players whos teeth force them to hold the horn at an akward angle.

  • Five degree or ten degree tilt in addition to the patented Wedge rim design.
  • Mouthpiece can be rotated in the horn by 180 degrees to compensate for an underbite or overbite.
  • Available by special order in any of our stock sizes.
  • Available in one or two piece (top and backbore) models. 
  • Email to discuss your needs for an angled rim.

Wedge top with 10 degree angle for overbite

Wedge Cornet Mouthpieces

We also offer a selection of cornet mouthpieces with rims matching the the most popular trumpet models. The mouthpieces usually have a medium deep cornet cup, similar to a Wick B cup.  The W3 and W4 mouthpieces have deeper cups based on the original Wick 3 and Wick 4 mouthpieces.

One piece British Cornet style

Cornet mouthpiece tops are available as Regular or British cornet styles.

British Cornet Style Mouthpieces

  • One and two piece models
  • Larger throat for a darker, richer cornet sound suitable for British brass band style playing.
  • Two piece models are made from our flugelhorn blanks, are shorter than regular cornet mouthpieces.   
  • Two piece models used with short British cornet style shank.
  • Two piece models can also be used on trumpet or flugelhorn with the appropriate dedicated shank.

American Style Cornet Tops

  • Made from the same blank as our trumpet tops.
  • Can be used with regular length Wedge or Wabrburton cornet backbores.

Cornet Mouthpieces can be ordered through the on-line store


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"I think Dr. Dave has finally come up with the proverbial 'better mouse trap' of mouthpieces."

Art Davis
Professor, Jazz Studies
Northern Illinois University
Chicago area jazz artist