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Wedge Trumpet and Cornet Mouthpieces - Standard Brand Naming System

Standard Brand names are based on the models that they are designed to replace. For example, a Wedge version of a Bach 3C, the Wedge B3C, has playing characteristics similar to the Bach model, but with Wedge advantages.

Mouthpieces are designed by doing a digital scan of the conventional mouthpiece. The cup and alpha angle are slightly modified, and a Wedge rim is programmed to produce a mouthpiece that has a feel and performance similar to the original, but with Wedge advantages.

DOC (Double Oval Cup) Design

Standard Brand mouthpieces have the added feature of our new Double Oval Cup (DOC). The diameter of both the rim and cup in the vertical dimension is at least 10/1000 of an inch larger than it is from side to side, depending on the model. For example, in the case of the Drozdoff Classic the top to bottom dimension is similar to a Wedge 3C rim and cup while the side to side dimension is that of a 5C rim and cup. This means that the oval shape of the Wedge rim is continued down to the base of the cup where it joins the throat. The oval rim along with the oval cup (hence double oval), found only in Wedge mouthpieces, provides the added efficiency of a smaller mouthpiece with the big sound, clear attacks, and flexibility of the larger mouthpiece. The cup shape does add more compression, so many players will prefer to go up one throat size when converting to a DOC mouthpiece.

To find your size locate your mouthpiece (or equivalent) in the left column and select the Wedge equivalent from the right column. You can also browse our complete line of mouthpiece in our on-line store.


Bach Size Wedge Size
1B B1B
1C B1C
1-1/4C B1.25C
1-1/2C B1.5C
2C B2C
3B B3B
3C B3C
3D B3D
5C B5C
6B B6B
7C B7C
7D B7D
7E B7E
10-1/2C B10.5C
10-1/2D B10.5D

Monette Size Wedge Size
B1-5M B1B
B1-5 B1C
B2 MB2
C2 MC2
B3 MB3
C3 MC3
B4 MB4
C4 MC4

Schilke Size Wedge Size
19 B1C
15A4A S15A4
14A4A S14A4A
13A4A S13A4A
6A4A S6A4A

Yamaha Size Wedge Size
17B4 Y17B4
16C4 B1.5C
14C4 Y14C4
14B4 Y14B4


We also offer a selection of Standard Brand cornet mouthpieces with rims matching the the most popular trumpet models. The mouthpieces usually have a medium deep cornet cup, similar to a Wick B cup.  The W3 and W4 mouthpieces have deeper cups based on the origianl Wick 3 and Wick 4 mouthpieces. These mouthpieces have our new Double Oval Cup (DOC) design. Cornet mouthpieces are available as regular or British cornet styles. British cornet styles are made from our flugelhorn blanks, are shorter than regular cornet mouthpieces, and have a larger throat. They produce a darker, richer cornet sound suitable for British brass band style playing.  They can also be used on trumpet or flgelhorn with the appropriate dedicated shank.

For the correct mouthpiece size select the rim size close to the one you currently use in the left column and find the corresponding Wedge model on the right.

Your Cornet  Rim Size

Wedge Cornet  Size

Bach 1C   

Monette B1-5


B1C Cornet    

B1C Br Cornet

Bach 1.25C

Monette B2 

Yamaha 17

B1.25C Cornet

B1.25C Br Cornet

Bach 1.5C

Monette B3

Schilke 16

Yamaha 16

B1.5C Cornet 

B1.5C Br Cornet

Bach 3C   

Monette B4

Schilke 14

B3C Cornet   

B3C Br Cornet

Bach 5C   

Monette B6 

Yamaha 14

B5C Cornet    

B5C Br Cornet

Bach 6C

B6C Cornet        

B6C Br Cornet

Bach 7C    

Yamaha 11

B7C Cornet      

B7C Br Cornet

Bach 10.5C

B10.5 Cornet     

B10.5C Br Cornet

Wick 3


Wick 3B


Wick 4


Wick 4B



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"The Wedge Mouthpiece concept is fantastic 'fit' for my chops. The unique rim contour design is a revelation to me; The Wedge rim design specifically has helped me to increase my musical results while minimizing physical effort.

Dave Harrison's user-friendly approach, helping people experiment and understand his product, clearly indicates that he is making these mouthpieces for all the right reasons. Well done Dr. Dave."

Dean McNeill
Head, Department of Music
University of Saskatchewan