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Wedge Trumpet and Cornet Mouthpieces 

Better Range, Endurance, Comfort, Flexibility, Articulation, and Sound - Guaranteed.

Rim Diameters

Wedge Gen 2 trumpet and cornet rims are available in diameters from .60 to .69 inches, measured at .04 inches into the cup.

Cup Depths

Wedge cups are available as Extra Shallow, Shallow, Medium, Medium Deep, Deep. See table below for descriptions.

Choosing a Size

1. Find your current mouthpiece in the table below.

2. The correct rim size appears in the same row in the blue column on the left. 

3. The correct cup depth appears in the same column in the grey area above your mouthpiece. 

Want a darker sound?

  • Choose one cup depth deeper, and consider trying one rim size smaller to offset the effect of the deeper cup.
  • Many players can move down one size with the Wedge and not have problems with swelling, sound quality or flexibility. 

Want a brighter sound?

  • Choose a cup one step shallower. 

EXAMPLE: You play a Bach 3C.

  1. Your rim size from the blue column to the left of B3C in the cart is 66.
  2. Your cup depth from the grey area above the Bach 3C in the chart is M.
  3. Your Wedge size is  therfore 66M.
  4. If you want a darker sound you should choose a 66MD or down size to a 65MD for added efficiency.

Once you have found your size you can see detailed specifications in our online store at the following links:

One Piece Mouthpieces

Trumpet Mouthpiece Tops for use with a separate backbore.

Gen 2 Rim Size = ID in inches at .04 inches into cup


Wedge Gen 2 Cup Depth


Similar to GR Z, Schilke 6A4A, 13A4A, Bach 3E


Similar to Bach 3D, GRS, Schilke 14A4A, Warburton S


Similar to GR, Curry, Warburton M, Schilke B, Yam B


Similar to Bach 1.5C, 5C, GR MX, Warburton MD, Schilke, Yam C


Similar to Bach 3B, 5B, Warburton D

60 = .60 inches

(15.2 mm)


Curry 00S

Curry 00M

Curry 00C

Curry 00TC

61 = .61 inches

(15.5 mm)


Curry 01S

Curry 01M

Curry 01C

Curry 01TC

62 = .62

(15.8 mm)


Warb 8ES

GR 62S

Warb 8S, 8SV


Warb 8M, 8MC


Warb 8MD


Warb 8D

63 = .63 inches

(16 mm)


Schilke 6A4A

Warb 7ES

GR 63S

Warb 7S, 7SV

GR 63M

Warb 7M, 7MC

Warb 7MD

Warb 7D

64 = .64 inches

(16.3 mm)


Schilke 10A4A

Warb 6ES

GR 64S

Warb 6S, 6SV


Warb 6M, 6MC

Bach 10.5C


Warb 6MD

Warb 6D

65 = .65 inches

(16.5 mm)


Schilke 13A4A

Warb 5ES

Bach 7E


Warb 5S, 5SV


Bach 7D

Warb 5M, 5MC

Bach 5C

Bach 7C


Warb 5MD

Bach 5B

Bach 6B

Bach 7B

66 = .66 inches

(16.8 mm)


Bach 3E

Warb 4ES

Bach 3D


Schilke 14A4A

Warb 4S, 4SV

Bach 3C

GR 66M

Warb 4M, 4MC

Yam 14B4


Schilke 14

Warb 4MD

Yam 14C4


Bach 3B

Warb 4D

67 = .67 inches

(17 mm)


Warb 3ES


Schilke 15A4A

Warb 3S, 3SV

Bach 1.5D


Schilke 15B

Warb 3M, 3MC


Bach 1.5C

Bach 1.25C


Schilke 16

Warb 3MD

Yam 16C4

Bach 1.5B

Warb 3D

68 = .68 inches

(17.3 mm)


Warb 2ES


Warb 2S, 2SV


Warb 2M, 2MC

Yam 17B4


Bach 1C


Schilke 18

Yam 17C4

Warb 2MD

Warb 2D

69 = .69 inches

(17.5 mm)

Warb 1ES

Warb 1S

Warb 1M, 1MC

Schilke 20

Warb 1MD

Bach 1B

Warb 1D

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One and Two Piece Options

Wedge trumpet mouthpieces are available as one-piece mouthpiecs or as separate tops that can be used with Wedge, Warburton, Pickett Brass, or similar backbores. One piece mouthpieces are an excellent choice for most players. The modular system allows the use of different combinations of backbore sizes, weights, and lenghts in order to fine tune your mouthpiece. 

Bb length and C Length Backbores



One piece mouthpieces are available in silver and gold plated brass and black Delrin plastic.

Tops are available in silver and gold plated brass, stainless steel (by special order), black Delrin plastic, and clear acrylic. For information about the playing characteristics of different materials visit the FAQ section of our homepage.

Backbores are available in silver and gold plated brass and stainless steel. 


Addition Special Features 

Wedge Angled Rim for Overbite and Underbite

Wedge trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn mouthpieces can also be ordered with an optional angled rim for players whos teeth force them to hold the horn at an undesirable angle. The combination of the angled rim and curved shape of the Wedge design combine to correct the horn angle and provide greatly improved comfort. It also decreases the TMJ discomfort often associated with trying to thrust the jaw forward to compensate for an overbite. 

  • Five degree or ten degree tilt, in addition to the patented Wedge rim design.
  • Mouthpiece can be rotated in the horn by 180 degrees to compensate for an underbite or overbite
  • Modified cup redirects airflow smoothly into throat.
  • Shape of throat remains round, unlike what can happen when bending a backbore.
  • Email to discuss your needs for an angled rim.

Wedge top with 10 degree angle for overbite


Wedge Cornet Mouthpieces

We also offer a selection of cornet mouthpieces with rims matching the the most popular trumpet models. The mouthpieces usually have a medium deep cornet cup, similar to a Wick B cup.  The W3 and W4 mouthpieces have deeper cups based on the original Wick 3 and Wick 4 mouthpieces.

One piece British Cornet style

Cornet mouthpiece tops are available as Regular or British cornet styles.

British Cornet Style Mouthpieces

  • One and two piece models
  • Larger throat for a darker, richer cornet sound suitable for British brass band style playing.
  • Two piece models are made from our flugelhorn blanks, are shorter than regular cornet mouthpieces.   
  • Two piece models used with short British cornet style shank.
  • Two piece models can also be used on trumpet or flugelhorn with the appropriate dedicated shank.

American Style Cornet Tops

  • Made from the same blank as our trumpet tops.
  • Can be used with regular length Wedge or Wabrburton cornet backbores.

Cornet Mouthpieces can be ordered through the on-line store


Choose a Wedge


"The Wedge, for all it's unconventional rim characteristics, felt comfortable right from the get-go. It seems to have a 'grip' that I have not found in other mouthpieces, and along with that seems to come an added degree of flexibility. It feels good and I love the sound... full at the bottom and crisp at the top. There's always something new under the sun!"

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach
Performer, Recording Artist, and Producer
Vancouver, BC