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Wedge Mouthpiece Fitting Survey

The Wedge mouthpiece provides better range, endurance, flexibility, comfort, and sound for most players. However, getting the right size is important. 

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"The Wedge mouthpiece rim has been very easy me for to adapt to. I started using it full time as soon as I received it eight months ago. Immediately I found that my stamina was much improved, slurs became easier and it encouraged a more relaxed embouchure. The only time I stopped using it was when I was playing a high programme on the baroque horn and it didn't suit the historical instrument, so I switched back to my old mouthpiece rim for a week without any difficulty. Interestingly the rim still works well with Classical and Romantic period historical instruments, so I have happily continued to use it with them, as well as on my valved horns. Dr. Harrison has agreed to see whether a mouthpiece rim could be made to suit the baroque horn too."

Andrew Clark