Wedge Trumpet Mouthpieces

Better Range, Endurance, Comfort, Flexibility, Response, and Sound

Announcing a New Line of Wedge Signature Mouthpieces for Andrea Giuffredi!

We are very excited to have collaborated with Italian trumpet virtuoso Andrea Giuffredi to produce his own line of Signature Wedge trumpet and flugelhorn mouthpieces.

Giuffredi C – ID .662 inches. Medium deep cup, ideal for all round playing, solo, chamber, orchestra.

Giuffredi Lead – ID .662 inches. Slightly deeper than Gen 2 ES cup for commercial lead and similar playing situations.

We Offer Three Lines Of Wedge Trumpet Mouthpieces

The Original Wedge Line

Mouthpieces in the Original Wedge Line feel most like a regular mouthpiece.

Original Wedge mouthpiece tops are preferred by some players and are still offered in some sizes. However, most players will get superior performance from the Standard Brand or Gen 2 lines.

The Standard Brand Line

The Standard Brand Line is based on familiar sizes from other manufacturers such as Bach, Monette, Jet Tone, and Parduba.

One and two piece options are available.

The Wedge Gen 2

Wedge Gen 2 trumpet rims are available in diameters from .60 to .69 inches, measured at .04 inches into the cup.

One and two piece options are available.

The Gen 2 line was originally developed to fill gaps in the Standard Brand line, and is rapidly becoming our most popular line.

Cup Depths

Gen 2 Wedge cups are available as Extra Shallow, Shallow, Medium, Medium Deep, Medium Deep V, RT, and Deep. See table below for descriptions.

Gen 2 ES, S, M Cups
Gen 2 M, MD, MDV Cups
Gen 2 MDV, D, RT

Wedge Trumpet Mouthpiece Comparison Table

Most players can find the right Wedge by matching it to their current mouthpiece. Find yours and then click link for details in store

Trumpet Mouthpiece Options

Modular and One Piece Mouthpieces

One and Two Piece Options

Wedge trumpet mouthpieces are available as one-piece mouthpieces or as separate tops that can be used with Wedge, Kanstul, ACB, Warburton, Pickett Brass, or similar backbores. One piece mouthpieces are an excellent choice for most players. The modular system allows the use of different combinations of backbore sizes, weights, and lengths in order to fine tune your mouthpiece.

Choice of Materials

One piece mouthpieces are available in brass or plastic. Plastic options include black Delrin or clear Acrylic, and coloured Acrylic in some models.

Trumpet tops are available in brass, Delrin, and Acrylic. We also offer stainless steel tops by special order.

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One Piece Silver Plated Mouthpiece


One Piece Black Delrin Plastic Mouthpiece


Silver Plated Trumpet Top


Plastic (Black Delrin or Clear Acrylic) Trumpet Top


Silver Plated or Stainless Steel Trumpet Backbore (Two Part)

Want help choosing the best size for you?
Complete our online fitting survey.

Want help choosing the best size for you?
Complete our online fitting survey.


Wedge backbores for use with separate tops come in two lengths for Bb and C trumpet. The shorter C trumpet length improves the pitch of many C trumpets.


Plastic mouthpieces have very specific playing characteristics.

Delrin is very sticky on the chops and always feels warm. It is very dark sounding. It is very easy to play quietly, but the sound lacks core and the start of the note is not well defined. Slotting is less defined than with brass. Delrin is very durable.

Acrylic feels and sounds more like brass. It feels warm and less sticky than Derlin. It sounds brighter than Delrin and darker than brass. It also has less core in the sound and less defined slotting. The biggest disadvantage of Acrylic is that it breaks very easily when dropped.

Adding a tone modifier or metal backbore to a plastic mouthpiece or plastic top greatly improves the sound.

Coloured Acrylic Trumpet Mouthpieces
Acrylic Mouthpiece with Tone Modifier

Addition Special Features

Wedge Angled Rim for Overbite and Underbite

Wedge trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn mouthpieces can also be ordered with an optional angled rim for players who’s teeth force them to hold the horn at an undesirable angle. The combination of the angled rim and curved shape of the Wedge design combine to correct the horn angle and provide greatly improved comfort.

It also decreases the TMJ discomfort often associated with trying to thrust the jaw forward to compensate for an overbite.

  • Five degree or ten degree tilt, in addition to the patented Wedge rim design.
  • Mouthpiece can be rotated in the horn by 180 degrees to compensate for an underbite or overbite.
  • Modified cup redirects airflow smoothly into throat.
  • Shape of throat remains round, unlike what can happen when bending a backbore.
  • Email to discuss your needs for an angled rim.


“The Wedge is an The Outside-the-Box-Concept that has aided my playing like no other equipment – ever – in 50 years of playing!” –Daniel D’Addio, Soloist and Chamber Musician, Artistic Director and Conductor, The Hartford Independent Chamber, Orchestra Professor of Music at Central Connecticut State University