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The Wedge Mouthpiece Patented

Better Sound, Range, Endurance, Flexibility and Comfort 

Technology does make a difference in human performance.  New designs in golf clubs, tennis rackets, speedskating blades, and downhill skis are examples of how new equipment designs have produced significant, measurable results. These innovations do not replace hard work and practice. They augment their effects. Why not take advantage of similar developments in mouthpiece technology by using the most biomechanically advanced mouthpiece available? 

The Wedge line of mouthpieces for trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, French horn, trombone, and tuba is the most significant innovation in brass design in decades. It was developed by a medical doctor combining an understanding of human anatomy and physiology with 40 years of experience as a trumpet player. The result is a unique oval, curved rim shape that for most players is far more comfortable and efficient than a traditional round and flat rim.  

Players using a Wedge mouthpiece can expect:

    • Better range
    • More endurance
    • A fuller sound and more even response in all registers
    • Improved flexibility
    • Better articulation
    • Greater comfort
    • Less swelling
    • Easy adaptation with no need for a change in your embouchure
    • A complete line of models for every playing situation

We stand behind these claims with:

    • Free shipping to most locations 
    • 90 days to try the mouthpiece
    • Full refund or exchange with no restocking fees

We offer mouthpiece made from a variety of materials depending on the instrument, including Delrin plastic, Acrylic plastic, silver and gold plated brass, and stainless steel. 

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"Endurance has been the biggest advantage in switching to the Wedge. Now, when I get to the end of a solo or quintet concert, I feel like I could play another one! The shape of the rim distributes the pressure in a way that allows any efficient player to play for hours on end.
Wedge mouthpieces provide excellent focus for both sound and pitch. This tonal focus makes finding those note "slots" much easier and aiming for those slots becomes much more reliable. In addition to these characteristics, the Wedge is the most comfortable feeling mouthpiece I have ever played. If all of these assets are something you're searching for, then try out a Wedge!"
Brandon Ridenour – Trumpet Soloist and Clinician - Wedge Endorsing Artist

"My journey with Dr. Dave Harrison and the Wedge system started out with a phone call to Canada. After explaining my needs and shortcomings to Dave, he advised me to NOT try his mouthpieces!!! My admission of probably greater-than-average mouthpiece pressure led him to this advice. I was disappointed, to say the least. Still, I was curious. And the plastic versions of his mouthpieces made it somewhat more affordable. I went ahead and ordered a plastic SJ Solo tuba mouthpiece to try on my F tuba. 
After five minutes with this mouthpiece, I knew that I had made the right guess... Because of the way the Wedge is made, I had to move my corners toward the mouthpiece - essentially relieving some of the aforementioned mouthpiece pressure. So, endurance was no longer an issue. Articulation, especially at the softer dynamics, was also greatly improved. Overall, I'm much more relaxed. I'm absolutely thrilled with my Wedge and look forward to further collaboration with Dave. What a great innovation!!" 
Scott Mendoker - Tuba, Philadelphia Brass - Wedge Endorsing Artist

"With Wedge mouthpieces I found the precision, elegance and comfort that I need! The innovative rim provides great freedom and comfort. You can fine tune your ideal sound through the precision of Wedge cups and throats. The professionalism and kindness of Dave makes mouthpiece selection easy. Thanks to this new technology I have developed a mouthpiece that permits a big, resonant and brilliant sound with a very efficient cup. A very big thanks to Dave for helping me to find what I need!"
Gianluca Scipioni - Trombone, Gomalan Brass - Wedge Endorsing Artist

"In one word, this mouthpiece is AMAZING! As soon as I got used to it, it revealed itself as a truly GREAT and IMPRESSIVE mouthpiece. The sound is so rich, centered, even, and the upper register is much easier. The Wedge rim gently re-aligned my lips for an incredibly crystal clear sound. Due to the particular rim shape that allows a better blood flow to the lips, I've noticed that I'm experiencing considerably less lip swelling. The Wedge is definitely the best change in equipment I've made in years."
Emanuele Casieri - Freelance Trumpet Player - Wedge Endrsing Artist

"The Wedge mouthpieces do not solve the trumpeter's technical problems. No mouthpiece can. But they do offer many advantages. My sound is now more intense, focused, with a "heavier" core. After very a short period of practice, now I feel that I played these mouthpieces for years. Flexibility is easier, while the "slots" are more defined. The sound is better because the attitude of the muscles and lips is better, so they gain endurance, extension and control over dynamics. Recovery from fatigue is much faster, even in the pauses between phrases."
Marco Pierobon - Trumpet - Gomalan Brass  - Wedge Endorsing Artist

"For me the Wedge was just what I was looking for. I saw a picture of the rim and stood up and said, “That’s what I have been looking for my whole life!” It came three years ago now and I have never looked back. I knew I was on the right track the first time I preformed with it and a violist from the orchestra said, “I don’t know what changed John, but I have never heard any hornist be able to play so smoothly…..”

It is my opinion that the wedge forces horn players to perform with I call a “zero tension” upper lip. The wedge requires one to use the corner and lower chin muscles to support the embouchure. This frees the upper lip to relax and vibrate more freely. Without fail I have seen time and again the wedge design increase; stamina, range (both high and low), sound quality, and flexibility. I won my job without the wedge but it is the wedge that lets me keep it. Before the wedge playing in the orchestra was work and standing in front (as a soloist) was a nightmare. Now sitting in the back is nothing and standing up front in a pure joy."
John Putnam - Principal Horn, Michigan Philharmonic - Wedge Endorsing Artist

"The new Wedge H2 mouthpiece allows me the response, centre and quality of sound I need for all my orchestral playing. The Wedge design allows me an ease of of transition over the entire horn, from low to high, loudest to softest that I have not found in another mouthpiece."
Sasha Johnson - Principal Tuba - National Ballet Orchestra of Canada, Wedge Endorsing Artist

"I can't recommend these highly enough. You really owe it to yourself to try these. You will be stunned at how well they play right off the bat!"
Nick Drozdoff - - Wedge Endorsing Artist

"Since I started playing my Custom Leonhart Wedge mouthpiece I have noticed an amazing improvement in strength, range, flexibility, tone, endurance, intonation and control. Basically, all the things trumpet players struggle with and strive for."
Michael Leonhart - Trumpet, Steely Dan - Wedge Endorsing Artist


We have taken the risk out of trying a new mouthpiece

Shipping almost anywhere in the world by airmail is FREE

Try the mouthpiece for 90 days

Return for full refund or exchange

No restocking fees

See the Guarantee - Return and Exchange page for more details about the money back guarantee.


Email us for information about angled rims for players who have an overbite or underbite.

"The Wedge is the most comfortable mouthpiece I have ever played on. Having it so comfortable naturally has led to improved range and sound. EVERY Wedge mouthpiece I have tried has been more comfortable and had an improved range then my all my conventional mouthpieces."

Jim Murray