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The Wedge Catalog Overview

We are committed to finding the best mouthpiece for you. That is why Wedge mouthpieces in silver, silver/gold, and black Delrin plastic come with a two week trial period after which they can be sent back for exchange or refund. There are no restocking fees.


Trumpet and Cornet Mouthpieces

Wedge trumpet mouthpieces are available as one piece models or as modular mouthpieces consisting of a threaded top and one or two piece backbore. For most players the one piece model is all you need. Modular models are good for players who want to experiment by mixing components. 

Choosing the right sized Wedge is easy. Just find your current mouthpiece or dimensions in our sizing table and it will show you the rim diameter and cup depth to try. The usual throat is a #27, but a larger #25 throat is available for players who like a more open blow.

Custom mouthpiece tops can be ordered based on a scan of your mouthpiece. The data is used to program and manufacture a mouthpiece with playing characteristics very similar to the original but with Wedge advantages.

For details about trumpet and cornet sizes visit our Trumpet and Cornet page.

Trumpet and Cornet Backbores

Wedge trumpet backbores can be regular weight or heavy weight. Trumpet backbores come in silver or gold plated brass or stainless steel with either a standard #27 or larger #25 throat. Trumpet backbores are available as a one part backbore or as a two piece backbore with an upper component and a matching shank. Upper parts can be regular or heavy weight. Two piece shanks come in different optional lengths for gap adjustment. There is a short shank for C trumpet which provides improved slotting and tuning.

Cornet backbores are one piece and can be used with Wedge tops for cornet or piccolo trumpet. They are available in silver or gold plated brass. Wedge backbores have the same threads as Warburton, Kanstul, and Picket Brass backbores.

We also offer plastic one piece models and plastic tops based on some of the most popular mouthpiece sizes.

For more information about backbore sizes visit out Backbores page.

Flugelhorn Mouthpieces

Wedge Flugelhorn mouthpieces are two part. The top can be used with a different shank for flugelhorns with Standard (Yamaha, American), Bach, or French receivers, or with shanks designed to allow the top to be used in a trumpet or cornet. Flugelhorn tops and backbores are available in silver or gold plated brass.

For more information about our flugelhorn mouthpieces visit our Flugelhorn page.

Trombone Mouthpieces

Wedge trombone mouthpieces are based on familiar Bach and Schilke sizing. They are designed to match the feel and playing characteristics of the original models, but with Wedge advantages of better flexibility, comfort, tone, and range. Trombone mouthpieces are available in silver or gold plated brass. We also offer plastic models.

For more information about our trombone and euphonium mouthpieces visit our Trombone page.

Tuba Mouthpieces

Wedge tuba models include the H2, 7B, and SG, and SJ Solo. The Wedge line of tuba mouthpieces was developed with the help of Sasha Johnson, principle tuba of the Canadian National Ballet Orchestra.

It is also possible to modify an existing mouthpiece. This process produces excellent results with a mouthpiece that retains much of the feel and playing characteristics of the original, but with improved clarity of tone, flexibility, and responsiveness.

For more information about our tuba mouthpieces visit our Tuba page.

French Horn Mouthpieces

We offer a variety of one piece French horn mouthpieces, in addition to screw rims to fit underparts from most manufacturers using 750-36 (Giardinelli) and 800-36 (Metric) threads. To order visit the French horn section in the on line store.

For more information about our French horn mouthpiece visit our French horn page.



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"From the first note I played on the new Wedge "Herriott L" lead mouthpiece, I haven't looked back on anything I've used in the past. I find that I get more core to my sound, greater consistency in tone throughout the conventional and extended range of the trumpet, and improved response. The new Herriott line (Lead, Classic, Pops, Picc, Flugel) combines to make up the right tool-box of equipment for the variety of work that I do."

Mike Herriott
(Endorsing artist of the Herriott line)