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The Original Wedge Two Part Mouthpiece Line

Better Sound, Range, Endurance, Flexibility and Comfort - Guaranteed.

The original Wedge trumpet line is still available in some sizes and is preferred by some players because it feels more like a conventional rim when you first try it. 


Original Wedge mouthpiece tops come in a full range of rim diameters and cup depths to allow you to fine tune your mouthpiece selection. Choose from this line if you want to change something about your mouthpiece offered in the Standard Brand line or if your desired mouthpiece is not similar to anything from the Standard Brand line. For more information about size options of our Original Wedge line visit our Top Size and Rim Style pages.

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Backbores are the other half of the part system. Trumpet backbores can be one piece or two piece. One piece backbores come in sizes S, M, and ML and a a great option when players do not want the option of gap adjustment or the potential to use a short shank for C trumpet.
Two piece backbores have an upper component and a matching shank. Shanks come in different optional lengths for gap adjustment.Wedge trumpet backbores can be regular weight or heavy weight. Trumpet backbores come in silver or gold plated brass or stainless steel with either a standard #27 or larger #25 throat.
Cornet backbores are one piece and can be used with Wedge tops for cornet or piccolo trumpet. They are available in silver or gold plated brass.
Wedge backbores have the same threads as Warburton, Kanstul, and Picket Brass backbores.
For more details visit our Backbore page. Backbores can be ordered in the online store.



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"Dave Harrison has come up with a mouthpiece that improves articulation, accuracy and really defines the upper register. The trumpet mouthpiece allows me to cover the entire range of the horn with a full rich sound. The flugel model really enhances the dark, deep tone of my flugelhorn.

I can't say enough about the Wedge. Thanks Dave for your passion and expertise in building such a great line of mouthpieces."

Terry Townson