Wedge Playing Instructions

Many players have difficulty figuring out how to position the Wedge when they see it for the first time. This is because it is completely different from anything they have experienced before.

The Wedge is always played with the sloping shoulders at the sides as shown, never top and bottom. This orients the long axis of the slightly oval shaped cup up and down, not sideways like other oval mouthpieces. On newer models we now place a small indentation on the outer aspect of one or both rims in order to help with orientation.

It takes very little time to get used to the Wedge. The trick is to get the feel for the more centrally focused embouchure and go with it. Think “pucker” and “gripping” the sides of the mouthpiece with your chops. Another approach is to try to feel your lips fill the gap between them and the sloping lateral shoulders of the mouthpiece. This seems to encourage a more focused, central set up with the mouthpiece.

You may note a sensation that the corners are not supported, and may initially even notice some leak of air there. Do not be concerned. This indicates that you have been relying on your mouthpiece for corner support. The leak will go away as you get used to the mouthpiece and as it works on your chops over a few days to produce a more closed setup with lots of natural vertical compression. Performance will improve as a result.


“I don’t know were to begin. I have never been able to reach up in the higher range like I can do with this mouthpiece. If I go for it I hit it.” –Bill Miranda