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The Wedge Mouthpiece Patented

Better Sound, Range, Endurance, Flexibility and Comfort 

Technology does make a difference in human performance.  New designs in golf clubs, tennis rackets, speedskating blades, and downhill skis are examples of how new equipment designs have produced significant, measurable results. These innovations do not replace hard work and practice. They augment their effects. Why not take advantage of similar developments in mouthpiece technology by using the most biomechanically advanced mouthpiece available? 

The Wedge line of mouthpieces for trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, French horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba is the most significant innovation in brass design in decades. It was developed by a medical doctor combining an understanding of human anatomy and physiology with 40 years of experience as a trumpet player. The result is a unique oval, curved rim shape that for most players is far more comfortable and efficient than a traditional round and flat rim.  

Players using a Wedge mouthpiece can expect:

    • Better range
    • More endurance
    • A fuller sound and more even response in all registers
    • Improved flexibility
    • Better articulation
    • Greater comfort
    • Less swelling
    • Easy adaptation with no need for a change in your embouchure
    • A complete line of models for every playing situation

We stand behind these claims with:

    • Free shipping to most locations 
    • 90 days to try the mouthpiece
    • Full refund or exchange if the mouthpiece does not suit you

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Many manufacturers claim their mouthpieces are "special". What sets the Wedge apart from the others? 

There are many excellent mouthpieces and mouthpiece manufacturers. Some of them claim that their products provide substantial advantages over others, and all manufacturers naturally describe their own products in glowing terms. However, with rare exceptions all brass mouthpieces share similar fundamental design and playing characteristics. 
The Wedge is a unique exception in that regard. It is a completely different design that allow 80 to 90% of players to easily move from a traditional rim to the Wedge rim with a significant improvement in musical performance. 
The Wedge rim is neither round nor flat. It has an oval shape which is oriented vertically in the playing position. The surface of the rim follows the contours of the teeth in the vertical axis, and slopes away from the embouchure in the opposite direction at the corners.The width of the rim in contact wit the lips varies around its circumference, being wider at the top and bottom and narrower at the sides. The cup has an oval rather than round shape in models for trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet, and French horn. This unique shape is more biomechanically efficient than a traditional round, flat rim. 
You can see the characteristic shape shown images at the top of the page. The rim where it slopes down and away from the player goes at the sides. Like any mouthpiece the Wedge is not for everyone, but thousands of players will attest that the Wedge mouthpiece really does provide unique advantages over a conventional rim. Here is a link to a video with a more complete explanation. 

2. How long has the Wedge been around? Who uses it? 

The Wedge appeared on the market late in 2007. Since then thousands of brass players have converted to use the Wedge design. The Wedge mouthpiece is used by members of Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, National Ballet Orchestra of Canada, Montreal Symphony Orchestra, St Louis Symphony Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary Philharmonic, Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera, Kansas City Symphony, La Scala Orchestra, Boston Phil, Buzz Brass, Gomalan Brass, Presidio Brass, Philadelphia Brass, BBC Orchestra in Wales, numerous military bands in Canada, the US, and the UK, and by thousands commercial, jazz, and freelance artists all over the world. The majority of our customers are professional musicians, but the design is equally beneficial for players at all levels, including beginners.  The Wedge rim encourages the formation of a proper embouchure and discourages the use of excessive pressure. It is also very effective for players who have braces because the curved rim cups over the braces, improving comfort and clarity of sound. These features have made the Wedge very popular with educators.

 3. How long will it take me to adjust to the Wedge mouthpiece?

Adjusting to a Wedge should be easy.  Acclimatization time varies, but most players find they have fully adjusted to the new rim shape within a few days. Many of our customers have successfully used the Wedge in performance within hours of first trying it, although we do suggest a longer adjustment period.

We recommend that if you are not playing better on the Wedge than on your regular mouthpiece within 2 or 3 days that you contact us to discuss your situation. You might need a different size.

We do not recommend struggling for weeks or months while adjusting to any mouthpiece unless you have made a major change in is size for a very specific and well thought out  reason. The 90 day trial period is longer than necessary and is intended only to reassure customers that that will have enough time to give the mouthpiece a full evaluation. 

 4. Is there a honeymoon period? 

The honeymoon period refers to what sometimes happens when changing mouthpieces, especially to one that provides an initial improvement in performance. After a number of days or weeks the initial benefits diminish and the player returns to his or her original baseline range and endurance. It has been suggested that this might result from the chops getting accustomed to the "crutch" provided by the changed characteristic that provided the initial improvement (often a smaller or shallower cup), and becoming weak or "lazy".
The Wedge does not seem to have much of a honeymoon period. This is because of the unique way in which the Wedge improves performance. The Wedge works by freeing your chops to respond without being restricted by the unnecessary contact between the mouthpiece and lips at the corners. This is a fundamental difference between the Wedge and some other "range enhancing" mouthpieces. Because of this the improvement seen with the Wedge is sustained and actually increases over a matter of weeks.

 5. Will trying the Wedge damage my embouchure?

No, just trying the Wedge will not damage your embouchure. Switching to the Wedge mouthpiece does sometimes produce a subtle beneficial change in the embouchure over time. We know this because players tell us that as they adapt to the Wedge their playing improves rapidly over a number of months. If they then go back to test their old mouthpiece they find that some of their playing improvements translate over to their old equipment, although the Wedge still out-performs their original gear. However, this process takes weeks. Trying a Wedge mouthpiece for a few days, long enough to know if it is going to work for you will not create a problem going back to your original mouthpiece.  
When trying the Wedge mouthpiece we do not recommend using it for a prolonged period of time if you are struggling to shift your embouchure to adapt to it. The switch should be easy from early on and you should have positive results within hours to days. Not continuing with the Wedge when it is clear that the rim is not a good design for you further ensures that your chops will not become confused by the different design.

 6. Is it possible to play a Wedge rim on one mouthpiece and a regular rim on others?

Most players are able to alternate between a Wedge rim and conventional rim. Alternating works well as long as you spend a reasonable amount of time on both rims. However, most players who convert to the Wedge rim eventually change all their mouthpiece because, although they can still play on a conventional rim, they do not like to because the Wedge rim works so much better for them. We do offer discounts to players who need to purchase a number of Wedge mouthpieces for various instruments.

 7. What plating and material options do you offer? 

All Wedge mouthpieces are offered in silver plated brass, a combination of gold on the rim and cup with silver outside, or all gold plating. We also offer one piece delrin plastic models, delrin and acrylic trumpet, cornet, and flugel tops, and trumpet tops or French horn models in stainless steel. Horn screw rims are available in plastic, silver and gold plated brass, and stainless steel.

Silver Plated Brass:

  • Best material for most players and playing situations.  
  • Recommend has the best way to test the Wedge mouthpiece if you are currently playing silver plated brass. 

Gold Plated Brass:

  • Sounds exactly like silver.
  • Feels more slippery and provides less grip and silver.

  • Warms up at the same rate as silver.  

  • Less durable and costs more than silver.  

  • Tolerated by some players who have allergic reactions to silver.

Stainless Steel:

  • Provides a grip similar to silver.  
  • Very durable.  

  • Sounds brighter and projects more than brass.  

  • Sound is difficult to manipulate or warm up.  

  • Very responsive to articulation.

  • More critical and prone to splitting notes.

  • Excellent for playing lead trumpet but are not usually a good choice when a warmer sound is desired.  

  • Better tolerated by players who have an allergic reaction to silver and gold plated mouthpieces will.

Plastic Mouthpieces

  • Feel softer on the chops because plastic has more give than metal. This is a great advantage for players with braces.
  • More grip than metal.

  • Feel smaller than metal counterparts.

  • Rim bite feels sharper than metal counterparts.

  • Excellent for playing in cold weather.

  • More responsive to soft articulation.

  • Less point on the start of the note.

  • Darker sound with less core.

  • Less projection.

 8. How long will it take to recieve my Wedge, and what is your guarantee and return policy?

We try to keep most popular models in stock, however the high demand for our products means that we are often out of stock and have to make mouthpieces as they are ordered.  Mouthpieces that are in stock usually ships within one to two business days.  Mouthpieces that have to be made can take one to two weeks for production.

Most Wedge mouthpieces come with our 90 day money back guarantee. The mouthpiece can be returned for a full refund if it is not clearly superior to your regular mouthpiece. Exceptions are custom mouthpieces and fully gold plated mouthpieces. Free shipping is available to most locations, with certain exceptions due to the high rate of mouthpiece lost during shipping.


Click the images below to learn more about sizes for your instrument.



"Endurance has been the biggest advantage in switching to the Wedge. Now, when I get to the end of a solo or quintet concert, I feel like I could play another one! The shape of the rim distributes the pressure in a way that allows any efficient player to play for hours on end.
Wedge mouthpieces provide excellent focus for both sound and pitch. This tonal focus makes finding those note "slots" much easier and aiming for those slots becomes much more reliable. In addition to these characteristics, the Wedge is the most comfortable feeling mouthpiece I have ever played. If all of these assets are something you're searching for, then try out a Wedge!"
Brandon Ridenour – Trumpet Soloist and Clinician - Wedge Endorsing Artist

"My journey with Dr. Dave Harrison and the Wedge system started out with a phone call to Canada. After explaining my needs and shortcomings to Dave, he advised me to NOT try his mouthpieces!!! My admission of probably greater-than-average mouthpiece pressure led him to this advice. I was disappointed, to say the least. Still, I was curious. And the plastic versions of his mouthpieces made it somewhat more affordable. I went ahead and ordered a plastic SJ Solo tuba mouthpiece to try on my F tuba. 
After five minutes with this mouthpiece, I knew that I had made the right guess... Because of the way the Wedge is made, I had to move my corners toward the mouthpiece - essentially relieving some of the aforementioned mouthpiece pressure. So, endurance was no longer an issue. Articulation, especially at the softer dynamics, was also greatly improved. Overall, I'm much more relaxed. I'm absolutely thrilled with my Wedge and look forward to further collaboration with Dave. What a great innovation!!" 
Scott Mendoker - Tuba, Philadelphia Brass - Wedge Endorsing Artist

"With Wedge mouthpieces I found the precision, elegance and comfort that I need! The innovative rim provides great freedom and comfort. You can fine tune your ideal sound through the precision of Wedge cups and throats. The professionalism and kindness of Dave makes mouthpiece selection easy. Thanks to this new technology I have developed a mouthpiece that permits a big, resonant and brilliant sound with a very efficient cup. A very big thanks to Dave for helping me to find what I need!"
Gianluca Scipioni - Trombone, Gomalan Brass - Wedge Endorsing Artist

"The Wedge mouthpieces do not solve the trumpeter's technical problems. No mouthpiece can. But they do offer many advantages. My sound is now more intense, focused, with a "heavier" core. After very a short period of practice, now I feel that I played these mouthpieces for years. Flexibility is easier, while the "slots" are more defined. The sound is better because the attitude of the muscles and lips is better, so they gain endurance, extension and control over dynamics. Recovery from fatigue is much faster, even in the pauses between phrases."
Marco Pierobon - Trumpet - Gomalan Brass  - Wedge Endorsing Artist

"For me the Wedge was just what I was looking for. I saw a picture of the rim and stood up and said, “That’s what I have been looking for my whole life!” It came three years ago now and I have never looked back. I knew I was on the right track the first time I preformed with it and a violist from the orchestra said, “I don’t know what changed John, but I have never heard any hornist be able to play so smoothly…..”

It is my opinion that the wedge forces horn players to perform with I call a “zero tension” upper lip. The wedge requires one to use the corner and lower chin muscles to support the embouchure. This frees the upper lip to relax and vibrate more freely. Without fail I have seen time and again the wedge design increase; stamina, range (both high and low), sound quality, and flexibility. I won my job without the wedge but it is the wedge that lets me keep it. Before the wedge playing in the orchestra was work and standing in front (as a soloist) was a nightmare. Now sitting in the back is nothing and standing up front in a pure joy."
John Putnam - Principal Horn, Michigan Philharmonic - Wedge Endorsing Artist

"The new Wedge H2 mouthpiece allows me the response, centre and quality of sound I need for all my orchestral playing. The Wedge design allows me an ease of of transition over the entire horn, from low to high, loudest to softest that I have not found in another mouthpiece."
Sasha Johnson - Principal Tuba - National Ballet Orchestra of Canada, Wedge Endorsing Artist

"I can't recommend these highly enough. You really owe it to yourself to try these. You will be stunned at how well they play right off the bat!"
Nick Drozdoff - - Wedge Endorsing Artist

"Since I started playing my Custom Leonhart Wedge mouthpiece I have noticed an amazing improvement in strength, range, flexibility, tone, endurance, intonation and control. Basically, all the things trumpet players struggle with and strive for."
Michael Leonhart - Trumpet, Steely Dan - Wedge Endorsing Artist


We have taken the risk out of trying a new mouthpiece

Shipping almost anywhere in the world by airmail is FREE

Try the mouthpiece for 90 days

Return for full refund or exchange

No restocking fees

See the Guarantee - Return and Exchange page for more details about the money back guarantee.


Email us for information about angled rims for players who have an overbite or underbite.

"I have no hesitations about recommending the Wedge mouthpiece and, for what it's worth, heartily give the Wedge an enthusiastic 'two thumbs up!' I now have the sizzle that I wanted on the top end, and still have a nice, full lower register. This combination allows me to easily adjust between playing lead, and warm and beautiful solos on my cocktail jazz pieces. I didn't think that one mouthpiece could allow me to play with such varying tonal colors, but this Wedge combination certainly allows me to do it better than with any other mouthpiece that I have tried. I couldn't be happier!"

Dr. Michael Guevara
Cinco Ranch Conservatory of Music